Most Interesting Guy in the Room Package is a 5 CD and 30 day interactive training that helps to make any man become more attractive to women. It includes techniques, routines, and conversational pieces that help men demonstrate high value to women.

Table of Contents

CD1: Generate Your Own Effective DHV Routines

– How to increase the social value of your stories and eliminate low value content.

– Learn the worst routines to avoid and the PUA routines to develop

– Study the Style’s model for complete attraction building.

– The secret to micro-stepping to push yourself to feel more comfortable with DHVing.

CD2: Be the Alpha Male

Teaches men:

– The Alpha DHV secret to being unfazed by negativity.

– The steps to taking care of your body

– The O.O.D.A. cycle overview

– Alpha Male Opener for approaching seated sets.

– 5 low value body language habits that are ruing your confident image

CD3: Esoterica: A Mysterious and Powerful DHV with Evolve


– An Astrology DHV

– The super quick cold read routine for each sign that you can learn in minutes

– How to synergize your Tarot readings with your Astrology readings for a double

CD4: Style on Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts

– Routines on how to build rapport

– How to not end up in the friend zone.

– The “Holding Court” secret to position yourself as the center of attention.

– Over a Dozen of Style’s Attraction Pebbles

– DHV routines from celebrities Style met as a writer.

CD5: Style Takes Your Game to The Next Level

Style secrets:

– 3 secrets to getting good at the game.

– Why you should be learning actively instead of passively.

– How to create a DHV personal ad or online dating bio

– Style’s complete structure for building attraction.


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