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“Texting To Dating” is an online video course designed to show you how to send texts and communicate to build excitement, interest, and attraction. It aims to show you how to improve your digital game in getting a date by teaching you a logical process and system to build interest in the date:

– Seeding the date

– Reaching the commitment

– Getting a woman excited about seeing you

– Becoming an artful texter to connect

List of Topics Covered:

– Best texting and phone routines

– The best way to seed your date

– How to get a woman’s her number

– Unique places to take a woman out on a date

– The mistakes you are making in your online profile

– The kind of dates that generate excitement and attraction

– A technique to make sure a woman does not flake on you

– How to set up the date and ensure she wants to see you again

– What to text a woman the first time to almost guarantee a response

– How to communicate before the date and field tested texts that work

– How to maintain strong communication: field tested prewritten texts

– The hottest ways to open your text to increase your chances of a reply

– How to be irresistible on Tinder and create a perfect profile to improve your matches

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