The Game: Become The Man Who Women Are Obsessed with & Men Respect

Tired of women rejecting you and being invisible to everyone?

When was the last time you walked down the street and a beautiful woman caught your eye?

You tried to approach her…

But she completely ignored you.

Like you didn’t even exist.

Yet there was that one guy who walked straight up to her and got her number.

Leaving you to question what the hell you did wrong…

And what he possesses that you don’t.

Or maybe you were with a group of guys and you tried to suggest something…

But they acted like they couldn’t hear you.

Like you weren’t even in the room.

Then one of them speaks up and says the exact thing you did…

And all of a sudden everyone is following his word.

Leaving you to wonder why no one takes you seriously.

You see…

That’s the difference between a Square and a G.

A Square questions himself and waits for an opportunity.

A G knows what is his and he knows he’s gonna take it.

If you’re a G… life is on easy mode.

You can say and do whatever you want because you know you’re that motherfucker.

But If you’re a Square It doesn’t matter where you go or who you speak to…

people just seem to ignore your words and play around with your feelings.

So what does a G have that a Square doesn’t?

That allows him to attract what he wants, when he wants, how he wants.

A G understands THE GAME.




All fall into his lap because he knows how to play THE GAME.

And this gives him a unfair advantage in every aspect of life.

Because 90% of men today are Squares

This is the harsh reality of the world we live in.

And I’ve experienced it too…

I never started out understanding women.

And I wasn’t born smooth.

But over the years i watched other guys fumble…

And make fools of themselves.

That’s when i came to the realisation they were doing it all wrong.

They were focusing so much on getting 🐱 and impressing people they lost sight of who they were.

Their mindset was weak and they had little knowledge on how to actually handle themselves.

They followed goofy red pill ideologies that made them blame women for their actions.

Stupidity like “She’s not yours, it’s just your turn”

It’s things like this that makes men think women are the enemy…

Then they wonder why they’re NEVER attract women.

I had the formula and I knew i had to show men what having a woman obsess over you feels like.

That’s why i decided to write THE GAME…


Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to Attract any woman you want with EASE even if you’ve never approached one before
  • The #1 Way to Become a man that women DESIRE and men RESPECT
  • The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” mindset to become truly BULLETPROOF & FEARLESS
  • The “Never Revealed before” method to getting women obsessed FOR LIFE (Side note: Infinite massages, head scratches, 🐱 and food)
  • How to transform into a TOP 0.01% man in MIND, BODY and FINANCES so you can walk the streets knowing there’s’ ZERO competition
  • The “Superpower” that will give you authentic confidence so you can have an entire room STARING at you in awe


  • You’ll see real-life examples (My personal texts & convos) so you can steal my techniques and see what works
  • In-depth breakdowns that you can apply INSTANTLY

And this is just a snippet of the GAME that is contained within this book.

.A Wise Man Once Said:

“It’s not on you, it’s in you,

And what’s in you, they cannot take away”

– Nipsey Hussle (RIP)

Do you understand?

If you don’t play the GAME, you WILL be played.

But equipped with GAME, you become a force to be reckoned with in every facet of life.

You will possess the SECRETS TO LIFE that you can pass onto your son(s) & your grandson(s), to ensure they avoid being PLAYED by anyone.

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