Unleash YOUR Creativity, Passion, And Motivation To Achieve Your Dreams

For the professional, entrepreneur, or individual looking to perform at your absolute peak:

You know how on some days you’re just on fire, getting so much great work done, and in such impeccable flow that you amaze even yourself?

Well what if every day could be just like that?

In fact what if you never again had to struggle with brain fog, ‘down days’, or inner blocks that drain you of your productivity and momentum?

In short: what if peak performance could become your default state – no matter what the world or your own mind tries to throw at you?

This may sound like a distant fantasy to the average person. But not to those who understand how to rewire the human brain to be in a perpetual state of growth and productivity.

Switch Off Mediocrity. Switch On Super Performance.

By drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, The Habit of Ferocity Quest rewires you with a behavioral formula Steven calls ‘ferocity’.

Ferocity is a series of neurological and physiological habits that automate peak performance.

When you have ferocity, you are perpetually motivated to grow and push your boundaries – instead of hiding in your comfort zone.

You have constant access to your peak focus, productivity, creativity, and intuition – no more wasted time or energy.

And you are consistently unstoppable – even when faced with unexpected setbacks and adversity that would previously leave you giving up.

Switching on your ferocity means switching on your ability to achieve goals and solve challenges that others might consider impossible.

Many of the world’s top performers embody ferocity – often without even realizing it.

But through this Quest, Steven Kotler offers a framework that anyone can follow to rapidly and permanently adopt the habit of ferocity.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Deepen Your Grit & Resilience

    Rewire yourself with unstoppable resilience in the face of adversity and unexpected setbacks, allowing you to persevere where others would give up.

  2. Accelerate Your Career Growth

    Channel your ferocity towards finally winning that raise, promotion, or dream client. And even become the star performer who sets the standard at work.

  3. Align With Your Purpose & Passion

    Gain the clarity to know what really energizes you – and the tenacity to design a life that’s constantly attuned to your purpose and passion.

  4. Gain Unbreakable Motivation

    Wake up every day feeling impassioned and energized to push your boundaries, and perform at your highest level.

  5. Multiply Your Productivity

    Master the science of getting better work done, in far less time through optimized daily systems and processes.

  6. Achieve Perfect Focus

    Harness mental frameworks that reward you with impeccable focus to get any task done – no matter what’s going on around you.

  7. Unleash Your Creativity

    Learn how to unlock limitless reservoirs of creativity and inspiration from deep within your subconscious mind (you’ll be surprised at how creative you really are).

  8. Get (And Stay In) Perfect Flow

    Use Steven’s game-changing flow methodology to master this elusive state, and get in the zone at the snap of a finger.

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