Gain clarity on your goals, reprogram your mind, and gain the ultimate skills to attract women.

Learn how to become confident, attractive & approach women to get dating results using social skills.

About The Course

I am not some gimmicky “pick up artist” or “dating coach”. What I am is a video creator that talks to people for a living.I’ve been to college, university and worked in multiple industries before becoming a YouTuber.Over the last 4 years I’ve filmed over 200 videos where I’ve met and talked to thousands of people while creating content for my YouTube channel.I regularly throw myself into social situations where I approach and talk to complete strangers for entertainment; particularly girls.

There are DOZENS of flashy, creepy, cringy pickup courses out there. Misleading information that teach you to use deceptive tactics and play games. Using gimmicks, tricks and other weird shit.I am teaching you how to be social.

I’m actively creating content showing that my program works; and uploading it for free on my YouTube channel. I’ve become great at communicating with people and understanding psychology. What they are attracted to and how to be playful and fun while talking to them.

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