Pickup Artists’ Psychological Secrets to Turn on, Charm, and Seduce almost any Woman.

The Art of the Pickup involves analyzing your target, determine her values, beliefs and weaknesses, and role-playing her desires.
Sexual Persuasion occurs by stimulating her subconscious emotions and desires. You create value and scarcity for yourself, remove her barriers, build trust, and initiate the close. The best Pickup Artists are teasingly cocky, have a cutting sense of humor, and the poise to pull it off with class.

The dynamics of Sexual Persuasion share the same techniques perfected by all great salesmen. Any man with the right tools and attitude can transform himself and create an exhilarating lifestyle he controls with style and ease. Face the facts. Women in courting mode are phenomenal actresses; many devote their whole lives to role-playing, camouflaged appearances, and storytelling. They manipulate men by dangling potential sex to satisfy their ego, play games, or vacuum your wallet. Understanding how seduction works is a double-edged sword. You can either go through life playing the victim, or educate yourself using the techniques to your advantage.
The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide reveals how to:


  • Predict, anticipate, & easily influence female behavior.
  • Create instant attraction and lust in seconds.
  • 20 Seduction speaking techniques that create Irresistible Sexual Charisma.
  • Master Speed Dating, eliminate 80% of your dating time & money spent, with a superior closing ratio.
  • Read women instantly; spot and avoid the Psychos, Game Players, and gold digging cons.
  • Build instant rapport with Smooth-talking Sexual Persuasion.
  • Know exactly what she wants to see and hear, and feel.
    Considering marriage? With a failure rate of 50%, the best defense is a good offense. Remove her financial incentive to file with a pro-active asset protection plan well in advance. In straightforward, easy-to-understand terms learn the Advantages, Limitations, and costs: the complete how, what, and where to setup multiple Trusts, FLPs, and LLCs. Learn how to:

    • Legally Protect your ASSets from the whims of divorce courts and frivolous lawsuits.
    • Shield a large salary, limit alimony to one based on a nominal salary YOU choose.
    • Structure your financial planning and shield your entire estate layers deep and out of sight.
    • Remove the assets from your name. You Control everything, but own nothing.Tired of the Chase and want to elevate your Game to the next level? Section three is a Jet-setting Bachelor’s travel guide to the best Sex Vacations around the World: where gorgeous young girls compete for you. Spoil yourself rotten, and be a Professional Bachelor.

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