Follow Alex Forrest, writer of the popular daygame memoir, Too Late, Mate? in this 12-part series as he goes on fifty-two first dates in a year in order to improve his dating skills and find a partner, applying the teachings of the pick-up industry in the process.

Whereas Too Late, Mate? is a “paperback wing” to help guys to approach girls and get numbers, the 52 First Dates series is a dating handbook and a journal of Alex’s dating adventures. As well as telling the stories of these dates, the book includes sections in which he goes into the detail of lessons learned and lays out the skills and techniques employed.

During the course of 52 First Dates, Alex Forrest met many of the daygame gurus such as, Yad, Andy Yosha, Tom Torero, James Tusk, Jon Matrix and others – the English equivalents of the renowned American PUAs – or pickup artists – Mystery (Erik von Markovik) and Style (Neil Strauss) immortalised in the book The Game. He interviewed many of them for his YouTube channel The Art of First Dates. The channel also covers the real-life stories of the actual dates, the successes, the failures, the adventures in different cities around the world.

Reviews of the 1st edition published on Lulu:
“This is a great, high quality read, detailing Alex’s journey into the world of pick-up through daygame. Without wishing to give too much away he shows that you can get this part of your life handled at any age if you’re willing to put in the work and be open to trying a new approach. A lot of the successful PUA’s almost seem untouchable when you read about them now. Alex speaks to the average man about how to get started and gives hope that anyone can achieve what he has. Recommended to anyone, whatever your level, who has any interest in this field.”
Dean – 07-Nov-2017

“I loved this book!! One of the few books on pickup I’ve ever read cover-to-cover. Regardless of whether you’re into pickup or not (“PUA”), this is an engaging, come-from-behind hero tale– told autobiographically. Mr. Forrest’s humanity comes through in a very self-effacing way, as he struggles with the ups-and-downs of learning “game” later in his life. His maturity and self-doubt on the subject stand in sharp relief to the swagger of many PUAs whose youth and brashness consume most of the oxygen on this subject. It’s a bit interesting that Mr. Forrest espoused filmmaking interests in this book because it actually has all of the essential storytelling elements of the classic “Hero’s Journey” outlined by Joseph Campbell/Christopher Vogler (would make an interesting movie, imo). One of the inherent dangers of books on this subject of seducing women is that a thorough read potentially lulls its male followers…” (MORE:
W A 28-Feb-2018

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