The Female ObsessiOn RespOnse

The document you’re about to read below is highly-private information.

The only reason you’re even getting access to it now is because you are a badass member of Team Capital.

No one outside of us will ever be fortunate enough to discover, learn and internalize this intel.

Congratulate yourself, then return.

You back?


As promised, this document below is the EXACT report of notes I used to teach my now infamous “Obsession Words” seminar.

It contains the 7 forbidden words that trigger the Female Obsession Response, and make the girl(s) of your choice completely obsessed with you
(and heads-up dude, that obsession can and will often turn to an addiction, at which you point you have complete control, so I urge you to have the

best intentions for yourself and her. Nod your head and say yes. Great. Thanks. Let’s continue.)

As you read through this document the first time, you’ll find all kinds of lightbulbs going off in your head.

Things that happened with yourself or friends in the past will suddenly come to mind, and make so much more sense now.

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