Do women generally categorize you as a “nice guy??”

Do they really now . . .

Okay, let me ask you something.

Is that “nice guy” tag helping to improve your social life, love life and/or sex life??

99.9% chance, I doubt it.

Many women SAY they want a “nice guy,” but realistically … don’t believe the hype.

Women want a man who stimulates them …

Intellectually . . .

Emotionally . . .


The #1 non-physical characteristic that enhances your sex appeal with a woman is a ‘fearless’ sense of self-confidence & self-assurance as well as straightforward honesty.

This is exactly what the principles of Mode One Behavior provide you with.

When you’re afraid of being criticized by women, disliked by women, rejected by women, and/or indefinitely ignored by women … guess what?? You will experience all of those miserable responses from women. Fear is essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you ‘fear’ something, that means, subconsciously, you don’t want it to happen, but you fully EXPECT it to happen.

What many men don’t consciously realize is, many women will pretend to have one set of desires, interests, and intentions, when in reality, they may have a totally different set of desires, interests, and intentions.

Let’s say you were in the company of a woman who “pretended” to only be interested in a serious, long-term, monogamous relationship, but in reality, she really wanted to engage in casual sex. How would you know the difference? If you were in the company of a woman who “pretended” to be sexually conservative and/or prudish, but in reality, was really, really erotically uninhibited and kinky, how would you know the difference? If you were in the company of a woman who wanted nothing more than to manipulate you, waste your time, and get you to spend money ‘wining & dining’ them, but they were “pretending” to have a genuine interest in you, how would you know the difference?

MODE ONE explains how you will almost immediately be able to distinguish the difference between genuine, non-manipulative women, and the more phony, manipulative, duplicitous type women.

Rejection by women is not your #1 enemy.

Subjective criticisms and/or opinionated insults are not your #1 enemy.

Wasting TIME and MONEY pursuing women who are not genuinely interested in you is your true #1 enemy.

What are you waiting for?? The paperback version and E-Book version of my book, Mode One: Let The Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking can be purchased RIGHT NOW. (And if you’re a woman reading this … many of those who have already read the E-Book version have been women! Women can exhibit Mode One Behavior to their benefit as well).


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  1. Great audio book on your style of game. Moooodddeee Ooooone. I learned a lot, even though it was tough to listen to, I have been an alpha male with mega blue pilled beta traits. No more. Btw, I was unable to download the second content file. Thanks for your insights. And ya, I am going to take action.

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