In the game of seduction, the one who needs the other less has more power. Create the conditions where she needs you more than you need her.

The mindset is:

I want her, but I don’t need her. I don’t need her because I have another chick on the side, and I have the game skills to go out and meet a new woman any time I want, bitch ass motherfucker! FUCK YOU!”2

Engage with women from a position of leverage, power, abundance, overflowing good emotions, and power – not from a position of weakness, neediness, desperation, and begging. Approach women from a metaphorical overflowing cup – not a half empty cup.

Here is a brutally cold fact about the game:


Women want to fuck. They just don’t want to fuck losers.  They want to fuck powerful high status men.

So men are forced to play mind games that increase their perception of subjective power. It’s not that men necessarily care about power inherently, but it’s that POWER TURNS WOMEN ON, so men care about having this power.

A woman is a sheep, mindlessly conforming to other sheep. To seduce a sheep, you have to understand the sheep’s primal desires and show yourself as the fulfillment of those primal desires.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” – The Godfather

Strive to be the relatively powerful one in the relationship. After all, possessing a high degree amount of power is what turns women ON. Women are biologically programmed to sexually respond to power, dominance, and status.

This is the secret of the Jerk; he seizes social power, and frames himself as a high status man. He interacts with women from a position of dominance, and doesn’t give a fuck if that pisses some people off.

The jerk intuitively understands one of the secrets in the game of power. Power isn’t handed away on a silver platter. It must be taken!!! It must be conquered!!!


THE WAY OF THE ALPHA MALE #1: Power isn’t just given away for free. It must be seized. Take what is yours!

THE WAY OF THE ALPHA MALE #2: ALWAYS ENTER INTERACTIONS WITH STRENGTH. ASSUME A HIGH-STATUS SELF-IMAGE. Exude dominant body-language from the very start. Act like an Apex Alpha, to be treated like one.

How the interaction starts sets the tone and behavioral patterns for the entire interaction, so enter interactions with ALPHA BOLDNESS. ASSUME AUTHORITY. SEIZE POWER.

It’s easier to start a relationship from a position of strength, power, and being high status than it is to start like a weak friend zoned beta male and then try to change the power dynamics after the fact. Always enter interactions with strength to set the right tone from the very start.

Be a symbol of absolute strength.

The jerk seizes social power from the start by:

  • Having a high social status self-identity.
  • Framing himself as the prize by behaving like a 10.
  • Treating himself like a KING.
  • Behaving from a position of strength.
  • Playing the dominant role in interactions.
  • TAKING CHARGE OF SOCIAL INTERACTIONS, and sexually charged situations. Leading and being the one to make the decisions.
  • Countering power-grabs, holding the frame, setting clear boundaries, and protecting himself from narcissists.
  • Exudes an extremely confident mindset and highly dominant body-language.
  • Conveys warmth through benevolent intent to disarm defenses and gain trust.

The jerk cultivates power by:

  • • Developing high demand high income correlated skill-sets that can generate value on demand.
  • • Creating win/win connections with high powered contacts.
  • • Playing the long game of life that results in having a high social ranking position within society.

Play the role of a powerful man – even if you feel imposter syndrome.

  • By behaving like a man of power, you will come to be treated like one.
  • Be behaving like a man of power, you will come to believe that you are indeed powerful.

Bluffing power and being over-confident in interactions with women is a superior mode of communication to embracing rational humility and conveying accurate self-doubts. Women are turned on by high levels of confidence and power, regardless of whether or not those levels are justified; a woman’s unconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between justified rational confidence, and unjustified irrational confidence.

Put simply: just be fucking extremely confident – even if it doesn’t make sense, and even if you don’t have a reason to.

From this moment forward, I want you to assume the identity of an APEX ALPHA KING and ACT ACCORDINGLY. START NOW.

Look in the mirror and say!


Interact with women from a position of dominance, authority, and extreme extreme extreme confidence. Seize power because you take what is fucking yours.

In contrast, the nice guy gives his power all away with his excessive friendliness because he was brainwashed to believe being beta is “the right thing to do”. He suffocates women with his niceness; they see his eager-to-please kindness as weakness and his pedestalization as being low-status. The nice guy’s overextension and intense interest buries women in uncomfortable tension.


Through the process of kissing women’s ass and putting up with second-class behavior, the nice guy loses track of his own goals, 5 year vision, and his own life purpose. Soon he finds himself working a dead-end job with a bleak future (exterminating cockroaches, cleaning toilets at Pizza Hut, or slicing Delis at the local grocery store) because he was too busy building up the sexual market value of woman (and losing psychological energy changing her) that he forget about his own sexual marketplace value.

He built up her sexual marketplace value while neglecting his own. Then she left him when a higher status guy came along. Don’t hate the female player; outthink her, and learn to use her own nature to your advantage.

THE WAY OF THE ALPHA MALE #3: Take the time to set clearly defined goals. Be extremely aggressive in going after your goals.

THE WAY OF THE ALPHA MALE #4: Women come and go, but you are with yourself forever. Put yourself first!!

THE WAY OF THE ALPHA MALE #5: When interacting with women exude extreme extreme extreme confidence

Power is one of the ultimate sex appeals.

Women will often deny this due to a fragile ego (and may even verbally harass you if you mention it), but it’s true.

  • EXUDE APEX ALPHA MALE BODY LANGUAGE. Don’t apologize for your presence.

Women are sexually attracted to powerful men, so men are forced to play mind games that create the perception of holding power. It’s not that these men care about power per se, it’s that women care about power, and that’s why men strive to win the game of power, so that can be attractive to women. The desire for sex with beautiful women is a key aspect of mankind that keeps society running out; it’s why men get up at 6am in the morning, drink 2 cups of coffee, endure a long commute, and work.

These are all men stuck in rat mazes because on some unconscious level they think that winning the game of power through a long-term strategy will secure the heart of an attractive woman they can have sex with. Sexual transmutation is a force that can be harnessed.

Everyone’s playing the game of power, whether they realize it or not; just some are more conscious of it than others. You have a higher chance of winning a game that you’re conscious of than a game that you play blindly. Take the time to plan, review your goals, reflect on the results, research by reading books like this, and strategize.

You are worth investing in! You have to fight for yourself because women are too busy obsessing over themselves. You have to fight for yourself because that’s a job that no one else can do for you. Even from a point of altruism, taking care of yourself puts you in the best position to take care of those worthy of being in your inner-circle.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

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