Discover the Path to Total Sexual Mastery: Elevate Your Pleasure, Deepen Your Connection, and
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This ancient method has helped thousands of men, both single and partnered, reignite their sex lives, finally master their orgasms, reach newfound levels of intimacy, and become magnets for women… Equally effective performed solo or by your partner…

Connect Deeper, Feel More Pleasure in Every Nerve, and Extend Stamina For Hours Of Lovemaking…

FOOL-PROOF video tutorials show you exactly how it’s done…

Plus, watch Caitlin V work with a real couple to give an erotic Lingam Massage in never-before-seen bonus video.

Lingam Massage: Enhancing Power, Pleasure, and Connection

Awaken the deepest parts of your sexuality for a whole new universe of pleasure, performance,and deep, connected intimacy…


World-renowned sex and relationship coach Caitlin V combines ancient Eastern traditions with modern Western techniques to deliver the ultimate course on advanced male sexual practice.

This easy to follow, step-by-step guide teaches you EXACTLY how to retrain your body for more intense pleasure and complete ejaculatory control… Using nothing but the power of sensual touch.

Use Lingam Massage solo or with a partner and discover your deepest sexual vitality.

In her HANDS-ON videos, Caitlin V guides you… Gain more pleasure and control in every nerve, and become exactly the type of lover EVERY woman dreams of.

Is Lingam Massage Right For You?

I want to tell you a personal story…

It’s a little bit graphic, but I think every detail is important.

A few years ago, I was casually seeing this man… And we had a bit of an issue in the bedroom.

Our chemistry was wild… We wanted to tear each other’s clothes off whenever we were together.

In fact, he was so into me that it actually caused a bit of a problem.

Our sex was fast and furious. We’d start fast and he’d finish fast… Which often left me with out an orgasm.

Now, he was sexually generous in other ways. He loved to go down on me and usually made sure I got mine in the end…

But I wanted to experience cumming with him inside of me…

I wanted to have the opportunity to savor every inch of him…

So I suggested we try a lingam massage, an ancient tantric practice I had been learning about from one of my teachers.

He was a little nervous at first… But when he saw how excited it made me, he agreed to give ita try.

I asked him to lie back and just focus on his breathing while I oiled up his entire body and started to do my thing…

I massaged him from head to toe, bringing him into all his senses before I finally started to stroke his cock, which was still soft.

It was beautiful… slightly bent to the left and over 5.5” when hard.

It felt amazing to experience his body before he was fully aroused. To explore his cock before it was fully ready for me and to watch it get hard in my hands.

In fact, experiencing the male body in all states is something a lot of women are desperate todo… But rarely get the opportunity.

But back to the story…

When he got hard, I started moving my hands in different ways, trying out lots of angles and strokes and hand combinations and found which ones drove him wild…

I looked up at his face and saw an expression I’d never seen him have before… His eyes rolled back slightly, mouth hanging open in a goofy half-smile. He looked like he was in a trance.

Before I could even ask him how it felt he exclaimed:

“This is incredible… You’re touching me better than I’ve ever touched myself!”

I can’t tell you how much it turned me on to have him say that… To know how much pleasure I was giving him.

At this point I had been massaging him for a while, and I could tell he was getting close…

I considered making him cum with my hands, but I wasn’t ready for it to be over.

Instead, I gave him a few simple instructions and touched him in a way that allowed him to move his arousal from cock to the rest of his body…

After a few rounds of this I decided to stop and snuggle up next to him

What happened next was mind-blowing.

He pulled me in and we started having the most intense sex we’d ever had.

It was slow, intense, and creative… like he was reaching into the deepest parts of me as he fucked me.

The sensation felt different… I had just studied every inch of his cock and now I could feel it inside of me in a whole new way…

When we came, we came together… My legs couldn’t stop shaking for an hour…

After that, he called me his personal viagra.

All it took was seeing my name on the phone for him to pop an instant stiffy… which was difficult for him because he was a college professor

I can’t even begin to describe how hot it was for me, too.

I was so impressed with the results that I wanted to learn everything I could about this practice.Having already been a professional sexual health researcher for 7 years at this point (and a sex educator for almost 15) I got to work.

I read every book on the subject.

I traveled to foreign countries to take workshops and learn directly from the masters.

I wanted hours of video footage of people giving and receiving these massages.

After a few more massages like that,

I combined everything I learned with what I already knew about the human body, both from my studies and from personal experience. Anatomy and physiology, the nervous system, polyvagal theory, pranayama (yogic breathing)…

We kept practicing and I kept learning. And after a few more messages it was as if he was completely reconnected to his body… and to mine.

He was able to stay hard and be fully present in his pleasure, AND hold off his orgasm with ease….

Until we were both ready to explode… together 😉

Over the years I’ve refined this technique and time and time again, both in my personal life and coaching, I’ve seen it help men and their partners perform better and connect to deeper, more powerful pleasure.

I realized it was time for me to share this with the world.

In LINGAM MASSAGE: ENHANCING POWER, PLEASURE AND CONNECTION, I teach you absolutely everything you need to know to harness the power of this ancient practice.

Whether you’re performing it on yourself, or spicing up your relationship…

This practice has the ability to completely transform how you experience pleasure and connection…


You’ll learn how to give this massage to yourself and how to receive it from a partner

How to prepare both her and yourself…

And all the EXACT techniques to ignite every nerve in your body, master your stamina, and open yourself up to deeper, more intense pleasure.

And I decided to do something I’ve never done before, in order to truly make this course fool-proof.

I’ve included video tutorials of me guiding a real life couple through a Lingam Massage, so you can see EXACTLY how it’s done…

The pace, the pressure, the rhythm…

And all the real-time reactions… From both giver and receiver.

That’s about as hands-on as it gets… an exact road-map to wildly intense pleasure.

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