How would you like to gain 0.75 inches of girth in 12 weeks?

You’ll blow her mind, right?

She’ll explode!

I’ve grown 1 inch in girth by making a lot of mistakes. I’m showing you how to grow by 75% of this in very little time, by making zero mistakes. Yes, this can be done with the right training.

Through a combination of fully erect jelqing, pumping, and either clamping or all day Cockrings, you’ll be guided through the techniques, videos, and how-to’s throughout the program.

I’m showing you how to change your life here gents.

  • Women won’t ghost you after sex anymore
  • Women will stay loyal in long-term relationships
  • Women will tell their friends about you and you’ll achieve ‘Modern Casanova’ status
  • You’ll be able to go back to these women for the rest of your life sexually
  • You’ll have the Big D**k Swagger that comes from being large which gets more respect from men as well as women


Why Girth Is So Critical

Girth is what she really “feels” when you’re inside of her.

Women are almost entirely emotion, and it’s a guaranteed way to get those “feelz” going in her.

Not just this but there’s a certain level of Darwinian level respect that emerges when a guy that she is already attracted to, takes up a LOT of space inside her. It’s pure instinct.

To literally quote a woman in my life on my girth changes:

  1. “It feels more intense”
  2. “It gets me ‘there’ faster”
  3. “It’s more powerful and mind blowing when I do ‘get there'”

Girth matters A LOT.

0.75 inches could be the difference between her feeling virtually nothing, and her legs quivering uncontrollably.

If you’re ready to start this journey, click “I want this”.

This is a pre-order and the price will be moving up to $97 on Sunday 29th October.


“What if I have questions about the program, the techniques or exercises?”

My friend, please ask away inside the Telegram Group or DM me on Twitter. I’m passionate about this topic and would like to help me to stop suffering from a life with a sub-optimal penis.

I’ve seen personally first hand how differently my girlfriend treats me after becoming her “Dopamine Provider”.

She’s gone from secretly waiting around for another guy to come along, to being devoted to me and terrified of losing me.

You don’t need to put up with having a shitty sex life or shitty behaviour from women.

“Isn’t there a risk of getting injured?”

I specifically structure the program so that you avoid getting injured – the first two weeks are key. You have to take it slowly in those two critical weeks.

“But how do I know this will definitely work for me?”

These are tried and tested exercises that work for everyone.

Whilst it’s true that some men benefit more from pumping than jelqing, and vice versa, by including pumping AND fully erect jelqing AND clamping AND all day Cockrings, you cannot fail. Your body WILL respond to at least two of those.

If you’re ready to start this journey, click “I want this”.

This stuff is life-changing guys and I wish you the best of luck.

I’ll see you inside the program, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all!

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