Sex Energy

Tap Your Most Relentlessly Powerful Energy Source


Course Structure

This course is broken down into three segments.

Each segment has seven sections.

Conscious Segment

The written material is designed for your conscious mind.

A basic overview of sex, sexual reproduction, and the critical component sexual urges played in our evolution.

Seven chapters about raw sex, metaphorical sex, sex energy, how to channel your sex energy and common sex energy mistakes.

Conscious ideas and exercises to help you reclaim and channel your sex energy to live the most powerful life possible.

Hypnotic Storytelling

These storytelling sessions are calibrated to the coaching sessions.

Each story delivers to your subconscious the ideas from the coaching sessions.

But in a much more personal, much more subconscious and much more hypnotic way.

Read these passively, like you would any other story.

These stories will wake up your appreciation for your ancient sex power to give you an edge over any possible competitor for any possible outcome.

Subliminal Segment

Each of the seven subliminal sessions has three, one hour subliminal programming sessions.

Two theta sessions, for your deep and unconscious mind.

One gamma session for your wide awake, active and higher mind.

The gamma sessions are perfect when doing any wide awake activity, like reading, brainstorming or visualizing your ideal future.

When listening to these, keep your mind focused on the imaginations from the guided visualization.

This combination will rapidly accelerate the real power of your sex energy that you will learn to manipulate and leverage any way you like.

Subliminal Descriptions

Sexual Inheritance

Feel The Ancient Past

Commune With All Life

Appreciate Deep Connections

Reject False Sexual Ideas

Embrace Sexual Truth

Leverage Sexual Potential

Comprehend Sexual Necessity

Metaphysical Sex Power

Sexual Driven Personality

Magnetic Persuasion

Charismatic Seduction

Charming Presence

Become A Stage God

Develop Non Verbal Brilliance

Dazzling Eye Contact

Self Constrained Human

Control Your Passions

Regulate Your Desires

Channel Your Energies

Master Your Lust

Make The Unconscious Conscious

Truly Know Thyself

Ditch Sexual Frustration

Infinite Ambition

Unbridled Dreams

Unlimited Passion

Unstoppable Enthusiasm

Perfectly Guided Emotions

Heroic Aspirations

Delicious Daily Zeal

Laser Targeted Objectives

Future Rapport

Feel Your Future Self

Communicate Beyond Time

Unlimited Delayed Gratification

Unbeatable Long Game

Your Life Your Master Plan

Feel Your Future Today

Daily Future Creation

Sexual Reserve Generator

Unlimited Sexual Power

Unrestricted Sexual Energy

Immeasurable Charisma

Absolute Confidence

Infinite Sexual Focus

Ancient Sexual Resolve

Timeless Interpersonal Charm

Sexual Communication

Delicious Words

Irresistible Phrases

Mind Controlling Metaphors

Exquisite Body Language

Elegant Eye Contact

Desire Increasing Pauses

Brainwashing Gestures

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