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Do you find women are forever mentioning they just want to meet a nice guy to settle down with? Ever think to yourself, you are that nice guy, yet you are still single? Then you see the obnoxious jerks who treats girls with contempt and have a queue of girls lining up to be with them. Why does this happen? The reason being, women don’t really want a nice guy. They just feel this is the right thing to say. They crave a bad boy, but you have to learn how to play the role before you start acting all aloof! With Carlos Xuma’s Bad Boy Formula box set, you’ll learn how to act mean to keep them keen and have women wanting more and more of you. So now you know women like a bit of a bad boy, it’s time to start being nasty to the opposite sex in order to attract them, right? Oh no, acting the bad boy isn’t all about treating women with disdain. It is about getting the balance right between not being too clingy and showing the lady that she might, just might, be that special someone in your life. Xuma starts off by teaching his students all 8 types of men’s behaviour, what women think of them and how much bad boy is too much, making sure you never go too far. He shows why guys who try to befriend women first will always fail if their ultimate goal is to become intimate. For the first time ever, you will hear from women about why this “friends zone” will never work and how you can never get labelled as the “friends only” guy again. We’ve all been there and it makes for painful viewing. No sooner do you think that you have connected with the girl than she ruffles your hair and let’s you know what a good friend you are. You will NEVER have to be that guy again after learning a few simple preventative steps. Not every bad boy is lucky with women. Some get blown out the water as much as the nice guys. You will learn 10 essential traits of the bad boy that will make you such a hit with the ladies and also how they trigger a woman’s instinctive attraction psychology making her chase after you. Many people associate the “bad boy” with the “player.” These are in fact two very different kinds of guys all together. It is a must you know the difference and here Xuma will show you the 5 player traits that always push women away and if you do get mistaken for a player, how the bad boy deals with difficult women, so you will be able to turn her from a hater to a lover in a matter of minutes. If you’re not a bad boy by nature, it can seem a bit ruthless trying to act like something you are not. Xuma’s brilliant program will teach you that being a bad boy isn’t actually the idea you probably had in your head. Yes, you’ll have to toughen your exterior a little to become the desire of women, but after watching the Bad Boy Formula box set, you’ll find it is not a massive change to the person you are now. Just with a little tweaking, you’re desirability will grow tenfold.

Using “The Bad Boy Formula” Actually Creates A True Win-Win Situation

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