Crack The Girl Code by Michael Fiore is an online training program providing the “cheat code” psychology techniques to get into a woman’s mind and make her feel an instantaneous connection with you, and sexual desire.

Note that this course was originally released as “Get the Girl Code”, but changed shortly after it’s release to “Crack the Girl Code”. Same programs, just change of the brand/ name of the course.

The program is based on pushing a woman’s 3 key buttons:

– Connection: Making a woman feel like you understand her like no other man ever has

– Sexual Desire: Knowing what to say to a woman to get her turned on

– Fate: Understanding female psychology to make her feel like she’s “destined” to be with you

Bonuses include:

– How To Avoid The Friend Zone

– The Sexual Escalation Formula

– My First Ever One Night Stand

– Simple Seduction Checklist

– The Connection Factor


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