Conversational skills will make you, and lack of them will break you. You may be the homeliest guy on the planet, but if you’re good with words you can still have some serious game with women. It’s not hard to be good with words – just pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Speak audibly – don’t mumble or stutter, and put life into your hello’s and goodbyes. Most people (by far the vast majority) don’t realize it, but your eyes give effect to much of what you say and when it comes to conversation with women, your eyes can be the magic words to creating attraction. Your eyes reflect mood, and mood is usually infective. Before we go any further, though, test this out for yourself. Go stand in front of a mirror. Now, as if you’re an actor, pretend to be suddenly angry. Look at your eyes: Do you see how they change – your eyes reflect your anger. Now take notice of your facial expression. This is what people see on your face when they see you angry. Now attempt to feel sad – your eyes should now reflect sadness. Notice your facial expression? This is what people see when you’re sad. What about happy? Cocky? Bored? Serious? Lost? In awe? Confused? Nervous? Confident? Aggressive? Shy? Laid-back? Of the wide range of human emotions, all can be reflected in your eyes. And, like an actor, each emotion can be faked by simply focusing on presenting each emotion in your eyes. The emotion’s respective facial expression will follow. Where is this going? Well, keep reading!

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