Have you ever wished that Speed Seduction® was taught in a more structured way, piece by piece, subject by subject, in a way that allows you to really understand it, really KNOW it and really USE and APPLY it even better than before?

Are you a technical professional? Maybe an engineer? Scientist? Accountant? Or just someone that wants this all provided to you in a methodical, organized, and systematic way?

Well, what you have been waiting for has arrived …

Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction® Technical Manual addresses all of the above, and more!

“Dave Riker has a staggering understanding of and astounding skill with Speed Seduction®

AND an amazing ability to present a linear, structured, step by step approach that any guy can

use to improve his success with the Speed Seduction® material. While I especially recommend

this for beginners, at whatever your skill level, this product KICKS ASS! GET IT!”

Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction®

Hi guys, Dave Riker here. I know what it’s like to start learning any new subject, especially when you are a technical, structured guy, and ESPECIALLY if it’s a subject that YOU have personal interest in (like … maybe getting more success with the Women or Woman of Your Dreams?!!). When starting out it seems confusing, it’s all new, you really are looking for a way to “get it all” so that you just KNOW it, and it becomes a PART of you. To me, that has always been the key to really leaning a subject and APPLYING it.

I remember learning technical subjects in school. I was not one of those ones that could just “learn the formulas” and the do well on tests, no way. Memorization was not my thing.

See, I was the kind of guy that had to REALLY KNOW THE SUBJECT. Really GET IT in a way that it

MADE SENSE. Not just as a bunch of bits and pieces, but as something I KNEW, UNDERSTOOD and could USE for myself.

For me, the key to application, the key to being able to really USE any subject and “make it my own”, is to HAVE that kind of deep-level understanding. THAT is what makes you able to really use such a technology in the field-in the real world! I have always thought that such a level of understanding was something that most students needed, and would LOVE to have with Speed Seduction® as well!

Now Speed Seduction® is amazing in its power and flexibility, but let’s face it, for many guys it’s a WHOLE NEW WAY OF THINKING about people, about things to say and when, about how to think about people and language, about what steps to take … for a woman, for yourself … about how to be flexible … but stay determined… about … patterns, and demos, and themes and stories and commands and trance words and frames and anchors and … and .. and …WHOA! THERE IS a LOT of INFO in this subject isn’t there!?!?!?!

“Hasn’t ANYONE come up with a way to explain all of this, to really convey the whole

subject, in a way that lets you “get it”? Hasn’t anyone created a structure which shows pretty

much ALL of it? A structure and a way of describing it and teaching it, which provides a

framework to help you learn, understand, recall, and USE ALL OF THIS STUFF?!??!”

Frustrated students everywhere …

Well, Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction® Technical Manual is the answer!


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