The Secret Reason Some Men Have So Much Success With Women Without Even Trying…

While Most Of Us Struggle And Fail

No doubt about it: success with women is a complete mystery to some men…

This is why – especially at this point in your life – if success with women is still a mystery to you, then this should be considered an emergency… and I’m going to ask you 7 critical First Aid questions right now:

  • Do you get nervous (even terrified) just seeing an attractive woman that you wish you could approach?If you find yourself feeling paralyzed whenever you see a great woman that you want to meet but can’t even think about approaching her, then read on…

  • Do you find yourself constantly worrying about how to please a woman and live up to her standards?All guys know the helpless feeling of nervousness we get when we feel the need to impress a woman.

    It often happens when we go on a first date with a woman we really like… prepare to make that first phone call… or when a woman asks us a question and we know we are going to be  judged” on the answer…

    But did you know that men who are naturally successful with women never get this feeling? One of the best realizations that will come to you upon becoming a REAL MAN is a feeling of power and choice with women.

  • Do you get extremely nervous when it’s time to take the next step with a woman, whether it’s going for a kiss, or something more?I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s only natural to get nervous when it’s time to make a move with a woman.

    Well… I’m here to tell you that is a bunch of B.S. When you have the power and confidence that real manhood brings you, you’ll always know how to step up to the plate and make something happen. If you’d like to learn how to instinctively know when it’s the right time to make a move… and have NO problems doing just that… then read on…

  • Do you worry that a woman can tell that you don’t have a lot of experience… and that it will ruin your chances and embarrass you when she finds out?

    Listen… REAL men are so rare in this world that if you simply learn how to ACT like one, a woman will instantly assume that you’re a “catch”… and have been with A LOT of women.

    If you’d like to find yourself having to convince a woman that you are NOT a player, then read on…

REAL men are so rare in this world that if you simply learn how to ACT like one,

a woman will instantly assume that you’re a “catch”…

  • Do you take rejection from a woman personally and beat yourself up over it?When you make the shift from “boy psychology” to “man psychology,” you will start to see each rejection from a woman as a good thing.

    If you’d like to start seeing every interaction as a learning experience that gets you one step closer from where you need to be (and of course, with this new powerful attitude, finding yourself getting rejected far less often) then read on…

  • Do you have a hard time learning from your mistakes or feel like you just keep screwing things up over and over again?As I explained earlier, most of the mistakes men make with woman are a result of the root problem of not being a “real man.” If you’d like to get this handled so that everything else fixes itself, then read on…

  • Do you ever fear that maybe there is something wrong with you, and that you might never be able to make this happen for yourself?If you’re worried that there is something wrong with you… then there probably is! And you can bet your bottom dollar that your emergency problems with women revolve around MANHOOD.

    If you’ve had the same experience of consistently screwing things up with women, you need to have your eyes opened about what’s going on behind the scenes…

    …and see why your current reality almost forces you to mess things up with a woman that you like.

The Missing Piece That Forces You To Screw Things Up With One Woman After Another

NEWSFLASH: The secret piece of the puzzle that makes some men get more women than they can handle is actually something that you also possess inside of you… right now!

The only difference between you and these guys that I call “naturals”… is that you haven’t fully developed it. No one has ever told you what “it” is… and what it’s all about.

This secret is called MANHOOD.

These days, humans are living longer, but we’re maturing slower… and instead of growing up and living an enjoyable, mature life… many men end up staying in the “adolescent” phase of their lives for decades.

This stunted growth process leaves some of us with that empty feeling of anxiety and frustration that you might call the “extended childhood syndrome.”

We grew… but as a result… many of us never really grew up.

And because of this, many of us failed to really become MEN… and develop the inherent natural ability to attract women that is part of BEING A MAN.

I call this phenomenon: “The Mysterious Missing Manhood.” When developed, your Manhood is like your own internal compass that guides you to success in your interactions with women.

A woman can usually sense instantly if a man is missing his Manhood… even if you are temporarily able to fool her with lines and techniques.

Without the right natural, instinctive, internal guidance… you are guaranteed to slip up and make a mistake with a woman that reveals the truth.

When you call too many times… or you miss your chance to make a move… a woman doesn’t say to herself, “He calls too much…” or “he’s not confident enough…”


What she does do is get the gut feeling that you aren’t a REAL MAN.

And when that happens, the possibility for attraction or a relationship is instantly not an option in her mind.

Without this issue handled, the only way to get attention from women is becoming a master of pretending to be someone… and using techniques to cover up your inability to be who you are.

But as I’m sure you know… eventually, this deeper problem will cause you to screw things up.

This Mysterious Missing Manhood is as painful to women as it is to men… and unless you learn how to FIND your Missing Manhood, you will go on feeling lonely, out of control, and desperate… and nothing you try will fix it!

Here are a few more of the powerful things you’ll learn in my acclaimed On Being A Man program:

      • The 4 challenges guys face on the path to becoming REAL men that cause most to give up and settle for mediocrity. A woman knows INSTANTLY if you’ve handled these foundations of Manhood or not

      • How to break free of the false beliefs holding you back from life-changing success with women and in life by replacing your insecurities with masculine confidence

      • The shocking secret signal – unknown to 99% of men – that tells a woman you’re not a real man in the first 30 seconds of meeting you

      • The built-in psychological flaw that prevents normal guys from becoming real men – this one will kill your success with women forever… unless you recognize it and eliminate it

      • A 3-minute exercise to eliminate the immature signals that ruin your success with women

      • A simple, step-by-step method for cultivating a secret quality that triggers biological attraction in a woman… often before a guy even opens his mouth

      • The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears holding you back. I’ll show you how to wipe your slate clean of this internal B.S. permanently and reprogram yourself with mature, masculine confidence

      • What a woman must sense about your personality before she’ll consider being with you physically

      • A step-by-step system for becoming a modern-day renaissance man, the kind that most women constantly describe as their ideal man

      • The formula for COOL – After years of study, I finally cracked the code and I’m going to share a system that any guy can use to become the type of cool, charismatic man that men look up too and women want

      • Plus much, much more…


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