What you have seen might have shocked you – Deepak, the Indian guy reaching his fourties, seduced and slept with one hot girl after the other. And he is even showing it, outrageous!

But is it really though? When you look around you will find people, who are publicly accepted that are displaying ORGIES or evidence of their… well… orgies! People like Hugh Hefner, Dan Bilzerian or 50 cent who understand that there is a society of sex – and are living it.

Sex is something good, something natural. It is why humanity exists, people are born because of sex.

Our society, however, is a little bit awkward. We celebrate celebrities who are known for being around women all the time but when someone talks to a girl, she acts (and frankly is!) DISGUSTED and does not want to have anything to do with the person who approached her.

On the other hand, that little cute little innocent college girl is going to get fucked by two guys on a toilet the same night. Not the first two guys! She talked to MANY guys that night before and for an outsider it looked EXACTLY the same….
but the outcome was totally different: Wild adventure versus being home alone

My friend, we welcome you to join the secret sex society….

Welcome, to conversation domination!

We really urge you to be open minded and not offended.

Some of the things you will see here might seem out of this world because of the conservative social conditioning many of us have been brought up to.

We show these bedroom escalation and the massive success with women, so you can be ASSURED that what we teach works. That our methods produce the results we are getting literally every day: Picking up beautiful girls the same day on the street for crazy adventure sex, getting devoted girlfriends who will EVERYTHING for us and easily attracting and keeping (!) women in our lives, who other men would instantly want to marry.


How do you get these type of results?

How do you draw girls into your world and create your own secret sex society?
Just talk to them…

… is what it FEELS like to us. So natural, so comfortable, so EASY to seduce women. No! To almost MAGICALLY
draw them to you.

Once you have learned this, these skills will become SECOND NATURE to you and you’ll, with very little effort (Scroll down to see how!) get the playboy lifestyle you have always wanted!

Is this a cheap scam? You decide. Look at what Deepak has accomplished! Look at the proof he has! This is who you will become – because the only thing that gets Deepak laid are the SECRET SKILLS which you are about to learn here.

Deepak suffered a lot in his dating life

Coming to Germany as an immigrant not familiar with the culture and being average looking he was an outsider.

He had a couple of friends who he was working with at his IT job but besides that there was not much going on. No “cool” guys around him, no invitation to exclusive social circle gatherings and definitively no women.

He literally started at zero. No, he started at minus 100. Not only did he have a strong accent, was strongly overweight at the beginning and has never learned how to properly interact with women in the west (Indian Culture is very conservative).

“Just be yourself”, “be cool”, “be authentic” and other random tips did not work out. Of course you can be yourself, when yourself is good enough. But if women instantly perceive you as a negative stereotype, that simply does not work.

When you are a tall, good looking white guy, this is the way to go. Deepak as a minority had to develop a totally different, way more powerful approach to get the girls he wanted to.

An average Indian guy is just not supposed to sleep with the hottest girls he can find!

He is supposed to sit at home, do his job, get an average wife and die.

Yet Deepak wanted more than this. And how does an analytical, rationally thinking person start to get laid?
He does research…

19 million results in 0.65 seconds? Wow. There is so much information about dating out there.

I’ll just click through a couple of blogs, watch a couple of videos and will become a playboy instantly ,Deepak thought

It is just like learning any other skill, right? Look at what is working, copy it, get the same results.
This is what Deepak has done in his technical Job all the time…

…unfortunately this is not exactly how success with women works.

The key problem is that only a very very tiny fraction of men actually are getting results with attractive, desired woman consistently. This fact alone means that most of the 19.000.000 articles on success are literally bullshit people invented to scam people and make money.

Unfortunately Deepak only realized that after having spent over 4000$ on video courses and seminars which made him feel really, really good when he was watching them but unfortunately they did not produce any results at all.

There were a couple of guys, however, who have been getting success with women. They were charismatic, cool and have even shown some proof (of course a lot less than Deepak does now!)

How Deepak Became “The Natural”

Let me sell you an incredibly enticing dream:

What if you…

  • Would already be enough RIGHT NOW to get together the hottest girls?
  • Just would need to show women your “intent” in the right way to make them fall in love with you?
  • You just need to meditate, have fun, go out every day with your buddies and (magically?) get all the women you want?
  • You could be just like me, the good looking, “naturally” cool guy?
  • You just need to develop the right inner game and everything would come together?
  • I would fine tune your primal instincts so you react perfectly whichever situation you are in?

I mean, that sounds great!
Who would not love to have that, right?

The bigger the opportunity gets, the less critical people become.

Deepak just bought, bought and bought.

He Did Not Ask Himself

  • Are they getting laid because of their looks or their game?
  • Do they even have proof of success with women (no, not just getting a number, kissing or taking a cab to the next pizza place)?
  • Would a guy with my circumstances get the same result as that coach?
  • Do these guys have proof of getting girls where I am living?Does this guy have proof of success from cold approach to bedroom?
  • Copy of Does this guy have proof of success from cold approach to bedroom?
  • Does he have sex with hot girls?
  • Can he keep hot girls in his life as his girlfriends?

Did he get results from that?

Of course not!

The coaches he had have not been able to get Deepak laid. One time after a boot camp the coach told him: “Deepak, you are a great student. You now know everything I know!”
Hearing that is extremely frustrating because the coach has been getting laid all the time because of his passive advantages but Deepak did have ZERO results with his approach

Bad Circumstances Mean Resistance in Every Step of the Pickup

Some people think that being short, overweight, and averagely attractive, a minority or a negative stereotype means that you “don’t get an initial bonus” but after that pickup is the same. Something along the lines of: “Your looks help you in the first 30 seconds but then it is all the same”.
But think about it… does it REALLY?
Is it true for you?

If you talk to a super-hot girl, you have always dreamed of for two minutes – her looks still play a massive role. If she says something annoying you are a lot more likely to forgive you are not attracted to her personality but to her passive attributes

It is the same with guys:

If an average guy and Brad Pitt talk to a supermodel for two minutes, do you think she will treat him the same way like a Brad Pitt? Of course not.

With Brad Pitt she will do anything to please him and will actively try to sleep with him whereas with the average guy she will be nonreactive and often even bitchy.

To a lesser extent this is true for many “good looking” or in a different way attractive dating coaches:

They simply do not NEED to develop the super powerful seduction skills which average guys like Deepak need.

If an Indian guy reaching his forties wants to seduce the top 1% women he needs to be different, he needs to attract and seduce women differently.

His seduction skills need to be on a different level

This is why, after failing on the approach, getting rejected after seconds, getting wrong phone numbers and having miserable dates Deepak was enormously frustrated.

This is where he developed a step-by-step seduction system

A scientific approach was needed. The question was:

What needs to be done to get girls from the street, consistently?

The goal was to develop the skills to sleep and retain every type of girl: The cute student, the sexy lawyer or the sweet school teacher.
After getting rejected ten thousands of times and going out for over 6 years Deepak figured out:

There is a pattern!

It is not that that “A” leads to “B” leads to “C” leads to sex but a real, scientific model.

It takes into account the different types of woman you meet, different elements of your circumstances, accounts for different types situations and for how the conversation goes.

A very powerful model to understand and master seduction.

This is where Deepak’s consistency came into play and where he started to get sleep with women more and more often. Moreover, he LEARNED a lot more, as he exactly knew at which seduction stage he was and what he needed to do.

His success went through the roof. From not getting laid and not knowing what to do, he went to sleeping with up to 4 girls a week.

Life was good

After some time he realized, that there was something wrong. He understood how seduction works and how it should look like but for some reason he could not get through to the hottest girls. The girls he REALLY wanted.

The top quality women, the girlfriend material

It was insane. He could sleep with average girls relatively easy but he never had success with the women he truly desired. The women for which he actually started his seduction journey.

He did not know how to improve from there…

How to get models from cold approach?

No matter what he tried, he could not seduce the top women. He either was rejected directly or plowed until the girl left.

Some of those stunners even went on a date with him, they had great conversations but those girls just were not emotionally engaged. They have seen Deepak as an interesting guy, they wanted to meet him but at no point in time they considered dating him.

They just could not imagine bringing a guy like that home to their parents and for quick sex they could get a lot better looking guys instantly

It was devastating…

You know the way to solve a problem but you just can’t do it. Always something (or many things?) were missing and Deepak could not figure out what exactly.

Can you imagine the frustration of working a lot harder than most other men and STILL not getting the results you crave? This was Deepak’s life.

Something was missing in the model.

Don’t get me wrong, the model perfectly describes how to pickup women from cold approach. But what needs to be done to get through to the hottest, top tier women?

How to enhance every step of the conversation? How to have a conversation “on steroids” which hits women emotionally like a truck?
In Conversation Domination you are about to learn exactly how to do that!

Conversations which lead to sex

What if I would tell you that there is a possibility to elevate every part of your pickup?

Imagine making everything you say and consequently everything you do ten times more powerful and impactful.

When you approach a woman she will be excited and attentive, instead of annoyed and indifferent.

When you tell her a story, she will listen passionately.

When you try to kiss her, her heart is pumping and she is excited to kiss you back

When you take her home she is eager to have sex with you and kisses you passionately? (Like you have seen in the videos of Deepak!)

Sounds like a skill you would like to have, right?

We will teach you how…

  • You get the burning desire to take relentless action and always reach your goal
  • Develop the unstoppable player mindset: How to think like a man who has sex – so you actually have sex
  • Master story teller: Make her addicted to every word you say
  • Become exactly like Deepak: For the first time in history, you’ll be able to see his interactions uncut and steal all his secrets (over 3.5h of uncut infield)
  • How to talk like a god and dominate every conversation
  • Voice modulation formula : Make everything you say be 10x more impactful with these secrets we have seen nowhere else-
  • Avoid the landmines: Never lose a girl because of these common and painful mistakes

The expression system which makes Deepak successful despite his accent

Women want a man who is attractive. Period.

She wants a man who can arouse her and get her wet – also when she is looking for a boyfriend.

Having an Indian accent is a big turnoff for many women, yet Deepak is still incredibly successful. The reason for that is that he can create the same emotional rollercoaster in a woman which makes her FEEL like she is flirting with the young Brad Pitt.

Women are not logical. They don’t have a table of criteria a guy has to fulfill for them to be attractive. They judge by their FEELING and this is something you can influence a lot faster than your genetics or your social status.

This module is HUGE and Deepak shares all his secret techniques, which he uses to form an irresistible image of himself in her mind.

He also addresses every key situation you have to understand to be aware of for maximum impact on her and consequently success:
How to change the vibe from “Stranger to hot girl” to “real human to real human”
How to even engage the hottest girls
Why and how he is able to steal the hottest girls from Rockstars or Celebrities (Hint: He positions himself in her mind as the most attractive man there is, step by step!)

This module alone is worth the price of the product.

It will enhance every step of your pickup and might get you laid next week, because it is easy to learn and brutally effective.

Scientific and Technical advice for your success

This is why Deepak is commonly referred as the best dating coach in the world

He is analytical and breaks down human interactions to the point where you clearly can see patterns and develop system that work consistently.

You will not get a new philosophical perspective, personal development tips or vague concepts which confuse you more than they help you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these things are bad but when you want to get laid you need hard, actionable content.

You will get content which is proven to work for Deepak, in spite of his circumstances (Indian man reaching his forties with a strong accent) as well as his clients. You have seen our testimonials: Loser comes in, player comes out. The advice which Deepak gives to you is tested and works

You’ll get actionable advice you can instantly implement

Picking up girls is to some extent a skill like any other. Not only will we give you a framework which will instantly make you aware of the true nature of seduction but we’ll also give you metaphorical steroid injections at every part of the conversation.

You’ll be able to use the advice instantly and see improvements the day you go out!

Uncut infields: We are showing you everything! You are not experiencing same day lays or dates with beautiful girls on a regular basis? That is bad! If you don’t know how success looks like, how can you get it?

Today you are lucky: We’ll give you our full infields. We actually go even further: We give you some never seen before seen infield and analyze them in a much greater depth than you have ever seen before! We’ll point out the highlights and most important elements of the interaction for you to have the optimal learning experience. In this way you’ll be able to understand what is truly important for you to get to the next level.

Our uncut infield section will give you massive value: Not only will you see the full interaction and are able to see every single thing you need to do before picking up a girl but you’ll get the feeling of this type of interaction.

This is crucial for you as after watching these videos you will exactly know how it is to pickup a girl successfully and then can replicate it!

Even if you never picked up a girl from the daytime, you’ll still be aware of what mastery looks like and directly move towards that goal. This is what will make you succeed super-fast instead of wandering around clueless and trying to “improve your game” for months or even years.

Personal 1 on 1 coaching included
To a price which might seem like a steal to you we have included two different personal skype coaching packages with Deepak.
These are very limited, obviously, as they involve Deepak’s personal time. With us you won’t get a random coach or intern – you are getting the Star, Deepak himself.

He will make sure to do everything possible to make you successful with women. After the first 100 packages are gone – they are gone. So if you think about being taught how to seduce women by Deepak in person, get them fast.
Two options are available:

Ask Deepak anything. Sit with Deepak together and have him answer all your questions. Are you uncertain about something? Wanted to have personal feedback on a particular issue? Have a certain problem you could never solve? This is where Deepak crystal clear understanding of seduction comes into play to solve all your problems.

Want the extreme transformation? How about Deepak taking you by the hand for 5 weeks and working on your pickup skills. You’ll get advice 100% individually tailored to you and you’ll go through a transformation together with him, for which many men need YEARS (or don’t even achieve it at all!). In that package we even include an infield analysis, where you send Deepak your infield (Recorded from a friend’s phone or audio from your mobile phone) and he will look at what you are doing to fix everything you need to become unstoppable with women. As close as it can get to a boot camp for just a fraction of the cost!

Instant improvement

I cannot stretch that out enough guys. You will get the results immediately after watching the program.

“But doesn’t change, take time?”

No! Mastery takes time, change is happening instantly.

We provide you with word-by-word instructions, powerful frameworks and even show you with Deepak’s girlfriend how exactly you should say something for maximum impact.

You see, you understand, you learn, you get laid.

When we have created this course, we have been focusing on getting you results. On showing you how it should look like, so you can repeat it.
This is why we show you uncut infields!

This is why we show you the interactions of Deepak and one of his girlfriends!

This is why we give you access to our vault of most powerful and proven techniques and word-by-word lines!

We want you to be successful. And we want you to be successful yesterday. And even though that is not possible, we still help you to get maximum success in the minimum amount of time

It doesn’t matter where you are right now (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

No matter how successful with woman you are right now, Conversation Domination will bring you to the next level!

If you are a beginner…
you will get massive value out of it. This program will instantly catapult you months ahead, as you actually will find out what the right way is.

How should I say something?

What should I say?

When should I say it?

How will my future pickups look like?

This program will create the foundation, the framework for your future success. It will also save a ridiculous amount of time, as you do not need to experiment. You don’t need to go out 7 days a week like Deepak did for years to find out the structure of seduction. Keep in mind: Women don’t just tell you:
“Oh, this part was wrong”.
Normally you talk to them and get rejected and have no idea what happened.
Something was wrong and you didn’t know what. Frustrating! Instead let Deepak help you to skip years of seduction knowledge and get a very good overview of how seduction looks and feels like and start getting the first results

If you are an intermediate…

You already are getting results but only from time to time and not consistently.

Or you are just not getting the types of girls which you want. In this case conversation domination will help you to figure out missing pieces of your pickup and break through the barriers you had in front of you. Maybe you have also been playing the numbers game too much – then the techniques and the understanding you get from conversation domination will help you to sleep with more or more attractive girls in less time.

If you are already advanced at picking up girls…

Conversation Domination will annihilate the last barriers to get you your desired outcome.

As somebody who is already at this point, you will not change much in your game. You are already pretty good but now you need to become elite: Fine tune your understanding of the seduction model, enhance different parts of your interactions and remove the last flaws to become truly unstoppable. You will get new ideas, ideas most people would never think of in their entire lives.

The personal coaching with Deepak will also help you to improve your game, so that you can get the REALLY hot girls and be able to pickup girls you almost every day. And sometimes even twice a day.

What are you getting?

Live Demonstrations: How to Talk Like a God


Live Demonstrations: How to Sound Like a God


Unstoppable Player Mindset


Story Telling Mastery


Over 3.5h of uncut infield


5h of Personal Skype Coaching with Deepak


Incredible Connection


Total of


This is what you’ll get instant access to


Module 1: Setting you up for success

We will light up a burning desire for success in you, that’ll help you overcome ANY obstacle

Ever been unclear about why your conversations don’t lead to sex? We’ll path out success for you.

How everything comes together: You will learn how ALL seduction elements come beautifully together to get you laid!

The full seduction model: We explain you how a full pickup looks like and how your conversations will make every other part almost effortless

Ever tried to copy what a dating coach says one to one? It does not work, because you need to understand WHEN to do certain things and how to do them in relation to each other.

Clear path and the “How to” of starting a conversation and gradually but CERTAINLY moving it to a deep, intimate connection girls get ADDICTED to

You got rejected? Great! Now you’ll be instantly able to see WHAT EXACTLY went wrong, where you have done a mistake and what to do better next time to get the girl.

Are you still saying the same things to every Girl? Wrong! You need to adjust to every different type of girl – we’ll show you what they are and how to do it!

Module 2: Unstoppable Player Mindset

Don’t waste time going out for years – get INSTANT access to the mindsets which work (Deepak did the work for you!)

How to think like a man who gets sex – so you get sex. Many men have the wrong mindset, don’t get success and REVALIDATE the wrong mindset, which led to them being alone in the first place

How to deal with rejection and enjoy EVERY single step up to the point where you become a master seducer and a seduction machine

The “High Status Man” – mindset. How to make her go crazy when thinking about you, always making her wonder what you think and be grateful about every second she is allowed to spend with you

How to become immune to rejections, failures, setbacks, girls being mean to you or girls not showing up on dates. No one said it would be easy. You will get girls who are not nice to you, we’ll show you how to deal with it so that you feel like a BOSS!

How to deal with social pressure, people looking at you or judging you – and actually use that as an ADVANTAGE to become even more successful

Girls need to accept you as who you REALLY are. We’ll show you how you get there.

How to never again be emotionally attached to a woman so that she takes your power in a relationship. You’ll love it, the girls you date will love it!

How to totally accept and love yourself! Come clean with your past and unleash your unused potential.

Module 3: Story Telling Mastery

14 elements of a good story. Scientifically broken down. Art to science – be attractive on command, whenever and wherever you want. Turn girls who do not care about you to girls who are hypnotized by every word you say.

9 Story telling tricks which ALWAYS work. You have a good story, so what? But how do you deliver it?
How can you be captivating? This is how!

How attractive you are has not much to do with who you are but EVERYTHING with who she THINKS you are. We’ll teach you to project your most attractive qualities, so that she will appreciate and literally WORSHIP you!

The secret 5 step system to make your stories hit them emotionally like a truck! You’ll learn some of the very little known tricks filmmakers like Steven Spielberg use to captivate their audience and ultimately lead them to a climax.

Self-reflection in storytelling: How to spot mistakes on your own and optimize your conversation for maximum success. This is how you’ll actually get better over time and don’t just waste YEARS doing the same stupid things again.

The topics which kill EVERY conversation and you should definitely stay away from! Literal bullets you have to dodge most guys are totally oblivious about.

A sneaky backdoor trick Deepak uses ALL THE TIME to make girls do what you want to without them knowing how you influence them. The crazy thing is, that they actually think that they have come up with that idea by themselves!

The almost MAGICAL step-by-step formula Deepak uses almost every day to instantly build an INCREDIBLY solid connection with any girl. This is how you will achieve such a powerful bond in seconds, which most guys can’t even get after several dates.

The secret vault of Deepak’s stories: See word by word which stories have helped Deepak to instantly connect with every girl. This is extremely life changing, because you will have instant access to THE stories which have worked 1000 of times – you just need to say them and girls will want you. We know, we have tried.

Module 4 (Introduction): Extreme clarity (you will see everything)

Deepak will show you how seduction looks like, with his girlfriend.
You will see everything, which cannot even see in infields:

We’ll zoom into the most crucial parts of the interaction. Ever had a date or flirt gone wrong and you felt that “there was a point where you have screwed it up”? We will show you all critical points you need to be aware of, so that the next time you are with a girl you will be aware and do the right thing, instead of losing another girl you could have kept in your life

Different camera angles: We even go as far, as recording Deepak from two different angles, where will point out his body language, feet movement, facial expression and her reaction. You will literally be a life witness on the pickup, as if you have done it yourself and become aware of EVERY MINOR THING which makes the difference between a successful seduction and going home alone. This is 10x more powerful and detailed as any infields there are and this is something, you cannot even learn from a personal coaching.

You’ll see how the girl SHOULD react so you have a realistic and ultra-precise understanding of how your future pickups will look like. The clearer you know how it looks, the easier you can replicate it. Like a computer game: You see the level played once by an expert, you can easily repeat it with some practice,

Module 4.1: How to talk like a god
(part 1)

Have you ever experienced that a girl does not care about you or what you have to say? Hit her super hard with THIS and she’ll be excited about every word you are going to say

Men are very logical, women are not. You can’t logically convince a girl to have sex with you. This is how you trigger her animal side and make her go through an emotional roller-coaster (which ends in your bedroom)

Break through the glass ceiling and ENGAGE the hottest girls. The hotter the girl you approach, the more indifferent and nonreactive she will be. We’ll teach you exactly how we overcome that and bring the conversation from “Stranger to hot girl” to “real human to real human”

Did you ever have dull or boring conversation? You end up in a logical conversation where you ask yourself: “But how do we move it forward”? Use these tools to create an exciting, dynamic and emotionally thrilling conversation, where it is crystal clear to her that you are going home together – in a charming and noninvasive way.

When she thinks that you NEED her, it is a huge turnoff. How attractive can a guy be, who seems desperate to be with me? Girls want men who they think are out of THEIR league. When you know how to communicate that and she’ll treat you like a rockstar!

You are probably not the best looking or richest guy she has access to. These things matter and she thinks about that too. You will learn how to annihilate your and HER believes about these factors and position yourself as the most attractive man she can ever get – which, when you learn this, you’ll ultimately become!

Some girls are mean and disrespectful to you. It is not their fault, they just think you are another random loser who wants to sleep with them. Teach them respect and establish a dynamic, where you two are treating each other loving and caring instead (Techniques Deepak uses all the time)

How to train a girl, so that she behaves like you want her to. Deepak will demonstrate live in front of the camera the patterns he uses to hit her on a deep psychological level and almost turn her into your private slave (Don’t forget to treat her with respect!)

4.2 How to talk like a god
(part 2)

Master the conversation dynamics: when to talk, how to talk, when to let her talk and when to let talk yourself. You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to have naturally interesting conversations

How to avoid boring interview mode where you are perceived as a value leecher. We’ll show you how to deeply connect with a girl, without seeming to try hard. True genuine connections which, if you want to, will end up in a relationship.

Not every girl is instantly willing to talk to you about her deepest desires. This is how you’ll slowly open her up to share her most intimate secrets with you (Keep in mind: Girls sleep with guys, who they trust!)

One simple effortless trick, which you can INSTANTLY use to create tension and make her talk and ask YOU questions

A very powerful technique, which makes her envision your future together and makes HER want to plan your future dates, vacations and sex adventures

A particular talking pattern which is easy to learn and makes her go NUTS, so that she will INSIST on you finishing whatever you are about to say. She will literally not want to leave you ever again!

A very, very advanced technique which almost nobody does, which will SHOCK girls. They have never experienced something like that before and will be totally in awe!

Systematic training of her to always get a “yes”. How to make her do, what you want her to!

The flirting technique Deepak uses to spice up boring conversations without ever being perceived as a clown and still keeping it real

4.3: Voice modulation formula

This is the biggest module and one of the most important part of conversation
Some people say that how you say something does matter but never explain it. In this module will finally solve the puzzle –

How to say which makes you 10 time more impactful and makes girls wet by just saying simple sentences.

You will finally solve the puzzle why the same line works for someone and not for you because it’s how you say and in this module you will finally solve this puzzle

Science has shown that men with a powerful voice are perceived as sexier, more confident and even make more money. This is why have dedicated a whole module to turn your mouth into an irresistible sound machine!

You cannot change the way you look but you can change the way you sound. Having a better voice will give you an instantly appealing first impression which will make everything go a lot easier and smoother from there!

Make your voice your seductive secret weapon! Deepak will show you how to modulate your voice, when you want to have a particular effect. Want to connect more with a girl? Talk like this! Want to be perceived more badass? Talk like that!

The never seen and explained before scientifically broken down techniques which will completely change the way you interact with woman. Your words are 10 time more impactful and influencual. Literally!

4.4: How to avoid the most common pitfalls, which RUIN most interactions

Have you ever felt, like you are not in touch with platinum blonde girls in their twenties? This is how you can connect with them and let them know that you are part of the “In”-crowd

Have you ever been friend zoned by girls who did not see you as a sexual being? You will learn why and how to avoid that (little hint: It is not just being more sexual and touching them)

Have you experienced that girls are not interested in talking to you or giving you one liners like “mhm” or “okay” and then got to go? We will show you how you can drastically reduce the possibility of this happening in the first place and how to turn girls like that around

How to deal with not attentive girls, who look around the room bored or play with their phone. You’ll let her draw her focus to you and make her attentive with this powerful technique!

Girls just don’t do what you tell them to or behave in a way which annoys you? Not anymore, after you’ll apply THIS

Never have a boring conversation in your life again, where the girl leaves you and instantly forgets you

Ever had a girl feeling awkward, shy, nervous or not sure about the situation? We’ll tell you how to turn around those situations and turn them into beautiful, romantic experience

Girls have objections about you talking to them or approaching them (e.g. “Do you always approach girls like that? Meeting girls on the street is awkward”). You’ll hear the same things all the time. Want to know the most powerful, proven answers? You’ll get them here.

5: Build incredibly solid connections with women that last

How to REALLY be authentic: Show who you are in the right way, so that she loves you for who you truly are. Don’t just do “random” things though and hope for success. Be yourself “right way”
Make girls DEEPLY fall in love with you. You don’t want to game a girl again and again, after sleeping with her. Connect with her in a way that she thinks of you as “the one” and stays with you, for as long as you want to.
Have real, beautiful interactions. Don’t deal with girls who are always having their guards up and closing themselves to the experience of creating a really deep connection between you two.
A dirty but insanely powerful technique to give her the feeling that you know her for your entire life. Only takes 20 minutes!
How to talk about yourself and when. You will learn how you can use your unique story to create a powerful impression on her only you can make!

6: UNCUT INFIELD with commentary

We are going to give you 3.5h (Three and a half hours!) of infield videos. You will get a commentated version as well as the uncut version of the video, where you can hear every single word Deepak has said to a woman

You will see one of the best infield videos we have ever made. It is the interaction with a real “No”-girl – a girl who was not initially interested in Deepak. Even after talking to her for over 10 minutes, she still just wanted to go away. You learn how to persist in these types of situations, how to turn the dynamic around and change the vibe completely:

Turning a girl who literally has no sexual interest you to a girl who is going on a date with you and holding hands, only 30minutes later. This was one of the most extreme pickups Deepak ever had: The girl gave him nothing, she wanted to go away all the time, had no interest in him and at that time Deepak was so poor, that the only date place he could afford was a burger king! (Not a joke, you’ll see them being on a date in a burger king!)

Is this something you are going to do every time? Hell no! This will, however, be very valuable for you, as you will see every part of the highest level of game and will be able to learn so much. And if you understand how to deal with those extreme cases, “normal” pickups will be a piece of cake for you! This is literally one of the best infields we have ever made and we can confidently say that, at this point, we have never seen something like this in the entire world!

This is an extreme display of active seduction skills and in this video you’ll be able to see all of our secrets in action. Not only do we analyze the whole situation for you but we also you can see every little detail, rewind the video, see what Deepak says, how he says it and literally copy his entire pickup.
This infield will turn you into a master seducer!

Your Typical Seduction

This video is going to be an extremely detailed breakdown of Deepak picking up a British woman, as well as the uncut footage of this “typical” pickup Deepak does all the time. It is important for you to understand that once you have comprehended the process behind this type of seduction, you can replicate it.

For a very long time we have been hesitant to share all of our secrets with the world and for the first time in history, you will be able to access ALL of our knowledge, through these videos.

It is really important to point this one out: You will be able to see EVERYTHING, all of our secrets. Every word we have said. No more mystery, no more “And what happened then?” This is as close as it gets to download Deepak’s dating skills, his brain.

You will also see the whole process how you can slowly build trust and comfort with the girl you just meet and lead her to the location where you want to be. This is important because the girl is a cute British girl and Deepak is an average looking Indian with Indian accent.

You will hear the ENTIRE conversation.You will see how he handles different types of objections (Deepak wanted to take the girl home and she just said “no” – no problem, he adjusted his game plan). You’ll get a really good feeling for what a solid pickup is like and how to PRACTICALLY use the elements of Conversation Domination to get extreme results with women.

Remember: Deepak is the most proven dating coach in the world
And there is a reason for that:

Deepak gets laid because of his skills. Period.

Not because of his Indian accent. Not because he is almost 40 years old. Not because he is average looking. It is because of the skill!

The skill which got him beautiful 21 y.o girlfriends who wanted to stay with him forever. The skill which helps him to sleep with 5 women a week, if he chooses to do so.

You can be mad at him. You can be jealous and say: “He does not deserve it” but we really don’t hope you will do that.

Instead what I want you to do is this: Acknowledge that you are not where you want to be right now. Acknowledge that you don’t have the skill yet. Then join the program, absorb the lessons, look closely into the infields, study them, word by word if you have to.

Then go out, practice and get the same results.

Deepak’s success is about the skills and this is what you will get in this program.

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