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This program is designed for people who want to literally meet new, attractive women every day. It will teach you, even if you have never approached an attractive stranger before in your life, to approach women with confidence – wherever you are!
(Hint: Not sure if you knew that, but approachinggirls is what you need to do before having sex / a relationship with a woman)
Are you ready to learn from the most proven dating coach in the world?
Deepak Wayne’s life was not always as it is today. Moving from India to a western country he struggled a lot in meeting women and his sex/love life was nonexistent. At one point he knew: “If I don’t take action now, I will never get the women I want.”
And he took action. He studied everything he could find on the internet, met the most renowned dating experts and approached women every day, 7 days a week. In the beginning he struggled a lot, got brutally rejected but now,.
He is living the dream. At the time of this writing Deepak is having multiple girlfriends who love him with all their heart and slept with many of the most beautiful women on earth. But who are we telling this, you probably have SEEN it yourself on our YouTube Channel.
There is a reason, why Deepak is routinely referred to as the most proven dating coach in the world.
Having helped thousands of men through Skype coaching, personal bootcamps and his online courses to get the women of their dreams, Deepak knows what he is talking about.
His analytical and structural approach to dating has brought him, an Indian men reaching his fourties with a strong accent, amazing results and it will get them for you as well!

In the course you will learn

Mindsets of a Master Seducer
What is the best and fastest way to get girls? Deepak will explain you where to meet women and exactly show you how!
How to deal with your insecurities: Let Deepak install a “Boss-Mindset” in you, for more confidence, so you can talk to women with ease
How to deal with rejections. Become the man who does not care about girls not being nice to him and be the man who confidently goes for what he wants
How to get the hottest girls, no matter how you look. Ever been intimidated by one of those “goddesses”? Be no more! Deepak will show you how.

Practice like a Pro
The most efficient and best way to get better with women. Don’t waste years dabbling around, do THIS instead!
Overcome your approach anxiety. Approaching hot girls is tough – but with this little known method it will be a child’s play
Proven habits and success-systems to get good with women. Get the step by step system Deepak used for him and his clients to get massive success
Master your motivation. You need to take action: This is not a course for bookworms. With these methods you will be able to motivate yourself to achieve ANYTHING in life!

How to start picking up girls
Deepak will clearly show you through real life examples:
Dealing with nervousness and shyness. How to embrace your masculinity and feel at ease, wherever you are, no matter who you talk to.
Secret techniques to overcome approach anxiety and talk to super hot girls with 0 % chance of rejection (Really! Do this and they will not EVER reject you)
How to flirt with married girls/ girls with BF. You will see how Deepak flirts with girl who usually would reject 99.99% of guys in seconds. See how he turns those interactions around!
How to spot girls which are easy to talk to and pick up. Ever wasted a lot of time talking to mean or unperceptive girls who don’t want to talk to you? This is how you filter them out.
Become communicative instantly! If you are working a lot or introverted, it is hard to start talking to strangers. Deepak shows you, how he (and you from now on!) changes his state rapidly
Dealing with rejections or girls who are not interested in you. Never be afraid of rejections again!
Overcoming resistance from girls (“maybe/no girls”). You will see how Deepak talks to girls who give MASSIVE resistance to his flirt and exactly see how he successfully overcomes it
Different powerful ways to stop girls. Make her stop and give you her full attention with these proven techniques!
How to approach indoors. Deepak shows you how he approaches girls in a shopping mall and tells you about everything you need to take care of.

Full flirt of Deepak and a super hot girl
(you’ll see the full analysis of a real interaction)
Full video with explanation of how Deepak picks up this super hot, 20 y.o. girl
How exactly Deepak starts the conversation and gets her to engage in the conversation as well (hint: Most hot girls just stand there and give normal guys NOTHING to work with)
How he exactly overcomes her perception of him as a negative stereotype (This is a super hot girl in her 20s and he is an overweight Indian guy, reaching his 40s)
How exactly a high level flirts look like. We show you EVERY little detail!
How to set up a date (where she actually wants to meet him) and how to get her phone number
How to make her feel like he is a friend instead of a “random scary guy” who she can open to
How he approached her indirectly and later still effectively communicated his sexual intent!

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