How to talk to women and create powerful,

intense attraction… using deep, hypnotic and intimate conversations

Learn how to make meaningful, lasting and seductive conversations… beyond small talk, false pretense and shallow flattery


ConversationalSeduction is not for everybody, and if you’re looking for any of these things then you should stop reading this page and go look for an alternative elsewhere.

  • It’s not about routines and magic games as popularized by the so-called pickup artists (PUAs).

  • It’s not about wearing outlandish costumes and top hats to catch a woman’s attention.

  • It’s not about building your inner game, visualizations, affirmations or any kind of “new age” hocus pocus.

  • It’s not about “black magic”, “seduction occult” or anything that “forces” a woman to like you.

  • It’s not a book about getting laid in 30 minutes.


ConversationalSeduction is not a gimmicky quick-fix solution. Techniques inside this program require practice, and will not turn you into a suave player with a silver tongue by this evening.

Instead, if you’re willing to immerse yourself in the program and do the simple-to-follow exercises, then you will quickly master the art of talking your way into a woman’s heart… using proven rapport-building strategies anchored deeply in the science of human psychology and advanced persuasion. There’s absolutely no guesswork involved… as this program is backed by hardcore science.


Here’s what ConversationalSeduction can do for you –

  • Learn how to make meaningful, authentic and seductive conversations… beyond small talk, false pretense and shallow flattery

  • Discover our famous “Pre-ConversationalSeduction ritual” – do these two things even before you talk to a woman and she’ll develop attraction to you even before you say anything to her

  • Know the best way to make eye contact – a simple way to create instant attraction even before you say a single word

  • The Insecurity Buster – use this simple mind hack trick that completely annihilates your anxiety around women… forever

  • The lost art of “seductive listening”… and how you could just keep quiet and let a woman talk her way into liking you!

  • How to throw “hints of attraction” towards her and make her respond to you

  • The correct way to flatter a woman – use these five easy methods to weave flattery into the conversation without sounding like a desperate kiss-ass

  • The correct way to flirt with a woman – so that she develops sexual feelings for you and not see you as a mere “friend”

  • How to work the crowd like a pro… use this technique to create instant social proof and make her see you as a desired Prize to win over

  • How to nail the “Getting To Know You” phase – list of ten ready-to-use questions that will catch her attention and melt the ice immediately

  • The Humor Factor – how you can make a woman lower down her defenses… by making her laugh

  • The art of touching – how to turbo-charge your conversational seduction with physical contact (warning: do this wrong and you’ll risk getting slapped across the face!)

  • The Calibrator – know exactly what she’s thinking, and more importantly, if she is starting to like you using these surefire attraction (and “dis-attraction”) signals and body language signs

  • The art of small talk – how to maintain conversation flow so that you can avoid the dreaded awkward silence

  • The dinner date conversation flow – the definitive ten-step blueprint to talk your way into her heart during a dinner date

  • How to know when to stop – most guys will never have a clue about this (and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they fail)

  • Where to meet women – outside the typical bars and club scene

  • Four powerful new tips and tricks you can use on a woman you just met – “Jukebox Jam”, “Friendly Comp”, “Talk Tech” and “Get The Scoop” – use these and you’ll develop quick interest and attraction in a woman in a matter of minutes

  • The surefire way to get a date – now that you know how to talk to a woman and get her interest, you’ll need to know how to “seal the deal” and get her to want to go out with yo

  • How soon is too soon to call? Call too quickly and you’ll sound desperate; too late and she’ll forget you. Get the definitive answer to this age-old question here

  • The Reconnect – little-known techniques that you can use to get in touch with a woman after a date… and how to get things moving into where you want them to be (another date, or to your place)

  • The Seven Deadly Topics that you must avoid like a plague… these will sabotage your chances with women like nothing else!

  • Phone-specific conversational seduction tricks and tips – you’ll never get this from anywhere else. With these techniques, you’ll be as suave as you can be over the phone

BONUS 1: Email Seduction Formula by Derek Rake

BONUS 2: Ten Conversation Bullets by Peter Storch

BONUS 3: Humor Seduction Guidebook by Colin Simone

BONUS 4: The H.O.T Technique – Transcript by Colin Simone


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