Intrigue Black Book

Arm Yourself With The Most Advanced Intrigue Generation Tactics Ever

  • Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in everyday situations

  • Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in social environments

  • Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in a noisy environment (clubs or bars)

  • The most fundamental principle of Intrigue Generation – “L*** is A***** M***”

  • A secret “hack” that brings your Intrigue Pings to the next level – infuse it with the same principle which powers up Implanted Commands

  • The crucial differences between Shogun Method Intrigue Pings and Pickup Artist “opener routines” or pickup lines

  • The Five Grounding Principles of Intrigue Pings – obey all five and your success is pretty much guaranteed

  • The single most important aspect of the Intrigue stage inside the IRAE Model

  • The art of timing your Intrigue Pings – especially crucial when you’re in a club or bar

  • Why you don’t even need to be a good conversationalist to make a woman intrigued

  • The biggest misconception about the the initial approach – why you don’t NEED to spark instant attraction

  • What if you “screw up” an Intrigue Ping? Follow this no-fail rebound strategy

  • The difference between face-to-face and text/online Intrigue Pings

  • The ONLY valid reason to use Intrigue Pings via text (warning: disobey this rule and you’ll see things go badly quickly!)

Black Book 2

What’s Inside The Program

  • How to play Mind Games on women… and use them as “mini” IRAE sequence leading up to the Black Rose

  • “Emotional Blackmail” – women have been using this manipulative tactic on men for ages… now it’s our chance to play this Mind Game back on them!

  • The structure of an effective Emotional Blackmail with sample lines and routines + the five characteristics of powerful Emotional Blackmailing

  • “You Owe Me” – a simple Enslavement Mind Game you can use to get what you want out of your woman quickly

  • Gaslighting – an age-old emotional manipulation trick enhanced and repurposed to be used as a killer Enslavement tactic.

  • Four stages of Gaslighting: learn how to use this technique step-by-step similar to the IRAE Model

  • “Yes Ladder” – a classic trick used by the media to build mass acceptance and authority… you can now use it to get compliance from your woman quickly

  • The “RGA” components of effective Yes Ladders – discover how to build your Yes Ladder routine and make it bulletproof

  • Apply a new “twist” to the Yes Ladder and turn it into a devastating Boyfriend Destroyer routine!

  • “Pacing + Leading” – the framework that powers up every single Shogun Sequence… see what’s under the hood and understand why Shogun Sequences are so effective

  • How to use “Pacing Statements” to distract a woman’s conscious mind and keep her in “HOT” mode while you manipulate her subconscious

  • How to use “Leading Statements” to directly plant ideas into her subconscious mind

  • Plenty of examples of “Pacing Statements”, “Leading Statements”, and a powerful “Pacing + Leading” routine

  • If you can’t escalate from the Rapport stage, you’ll be stuck in the friend zone. Learn the five biggest Rapport stage mistakes and how to avoid them

  • How to avoid the “Premature Escalation” problem by using a technique which you already know (from the core Shogun Method program)

  • Eliminate “Bad Subconscious Communications” and learn how to send out good vibes with a simple body language trick

  • “Value Elicitation” simplified into one, six-word question!

  • How to identify a woman’s “emotional keywords” and use them as your secret weapon to trigger her Hot Mode whenever you want

  • …and more!


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