How To Put A Woman Under Your Control Remotely Over The Internet

The Online Dating Playbook 2.0 Shows You How To Use Shogun Method Online

(So That You Can Dominate A Woman Even When You’re Not Physically With Her)


You already know why Shogun Method works so well – it’s the “secret sauce” in the form of the IRAE Model! In this Module, you’ll discover how to apply the IRAE Model online… and get tremendous results as if you’re using Shogun Method on a woman in person.

  • Why the Online Dating Playbook is “platform-agnostic” – it works across platforms which means that you’ll spend less time trying to figure out platform-specific “loopholes”

  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL of online dating (once you know this, half of the battle is already won)

  • How to tweak, optimize and “retro-fit” the IRAE Model to make it effective online

  • Difference between texting and messaging a woman online (and why it’s a BIG mistake to use the SAME strategies for both)

  • How to compensate for the lack of “body language” and “microsignals” online (and completely flip these disadvantages into advantages)

  • Online Game Danger #1: C* R* – Make this mistake just ONCE and you’ll end up in her friend zone

  • Online Game Danger #2: F* F* – The biggest pitfall that one can make which will completely destroy any Rapport you have with her online

  • Online Game Danger #3: I* C* – Learn why you must design your Intrigue Pings to be at least 10X more powerful on the Internet (or you’ll drown in the sea of needy males online)

  • Online Game Danger #4: P#2 V* – The biggest cardinal sin in Shogun Method is even easier to commit online – this is literally the KISS OF DEATH when it comes to online dating!

  • The two main ingredients of a kickass online dating strategy – nail these two and you’ll be successful

  • The five-step “Method of Attack” to follow – with complete guidance and scripts accompanying each step



If you’re using online dating platforms and apps to find dates, then fixing and optimizing your profile will be essential. If you’re on Facebook, use these tactics to compel any woman who see your profile to message you first!

  • The concept of “Linear Progression” and why it’s crucial to your online dating success

  • The “VCEA Model” – the IRAE Model equivalent for online dating – Visibility, Clickthrough, Engagement, Action

  • Visibility Optimization – what you must absolutely know about making your profile appearing on top whenever a woman performs a search on an online dating service

  • Clickthrough Optimization – how to intrigue a woman enough to get her to click on your profile

  • “Profile Pictures As Intrigue Pings” – how to choose pictures which send strong doses of Intrigue directly into a woman’s subconscious mind

  • The “magic number” for pictures in your profile

  • How to tie your pictures with your Intrigue Stories

  • Why you should NOT use filters and hide your imperfections in your pictures (avoid this rookie mistake that MOST men make!)

  • Engagement Optimization – how to keep a woman completely fixated on your profile by appealing to her emotions and subconscious

  • How to craft the perfect headline for your profile in two simple steps – using Shogun Method’s Intrigue Ping principles

  • How to use Shogun Method’s hypnotic “Yes Ladder” strategy to make her eyes “stick” on your profile and compel her to send you a message

  • The C-P-O Theory – once you’ve mastered this very important principle, all you need to do is to repost your profile on a different platform, and watch the messages fly in!



Remember this – online, it’s 100X easier to reject a man’s advances! Learn how to run solid online game and bulletproof yourself from rejection. The “Online Messaging Strategy” module shows you how.

  • How to craft your first message or response: using the tested-and-proven S-R-Q Formula

  • Simple tweak on the classic Intrigue Ping to make it work like gangbusters in the online dating environment

  • How to escalate to Rapport stage (“R” stage inside the IRAE Model) online (and how to know if you’ve escalated successfully)

  • How to build sexual Rapport online using classic Shogun Method tactics – Multiple Outs and VAKSOG theory

  • Three standard online Multiple Out structures with detailed examples, analysis and “copy and paste” scripts you can use immediately

  • How to use VAKSOG Matching tactics to “trick” her mind into believing that she has deep rapport with you – even if she has not even met you in person

  • Date Escalation – how to ask for a date (and get it!) by using classic Implanted Commands optimized for online delivery

  • Five example Implanted Command scripts tweaked for online use which you can copy and paste immediately for tremendous results

The Online Dating Playbook Will Open Up A Whole New World Of Options For You

Remember: you don’t even have to be on dating sites like Tinder or okCupid to find Online Dating Playbook useful. The same techniques also work wonderfully well on Facebook or just plain old email.

If you want control a woman’s emotions remotely over the Internet, then the Online Dating Playbook is all you need.

Add-On: Frank Harrow’s “Facebook Messaging Hack”

An official companion guide to the Online Dating Playbook, the Facebook Messaging Hack (FMH) is a specialized module which has been developed especially for the use of Online Dating Playbook on Facebook.

  • Learn How To Stand Out In The Facebook Crowd. Hot women on Facebook get messaged hundreds of times daily by men.This simple “hack” will set you apart and make your messages stick out like a sore thumb to her, forcing her to take notice of you.

  • Simple And Fast To Learn. Discover what the “hack” is in less than 10 minutes and you’ll be off to the races! This is the only thing you need to make Facebook dating work for you.

  • Built Using Shogun Method Principles. This “hack” is grounded in Shogun Method’s IRAE Model – and it fits like hand in glove with the techniques that you already know – like Intrigue Pings.

The Facebook Messaging Hack (FMH) is 100% optional, and should only be bought only if you plan to communicate with women on Facebook. Details on how to add this short report to the Online Dating Playbook is found on the checkout page.

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