Dominant Sexual Power is an audio and video course that helps you to develop your confidence with women, your ability to attract them and gives you some advanced relationship skills.

The course is most suitable for guys wanting to improve their relationships and work on their relationships skills, as a lot of the advice will be most powerful when applied in this context.

This means women that are in your life on an ongoing basis.

The course already has a fairly long history. It was first developed by Vin DiCarlo in 2009 and was recently completely updated for re-release at the end of 2013.

It has been and continues to be, in our opinion, the best course created by Vin DiCarlo. This is saying something, since Vin has brought out quite a few very popular and solid courses over the 8 years he has been teaching.

What Will You Learn in this Course?

The program is based on four concepts: Vision, Compliance, Shaping and Sexual Tension.

In brief, the purpose of each of these is as follows:

Vision: The course starts from the top with your values and how you lead yourself as a man. There is a lot of inner game and confidence work here, and details on what it means to be a strong and masculine man.

While this type of advice has been seen before in courses and books, such as David Deida’s “Way of the Superior Man” Vin DiCarlo brings it to life and improves on the others with his own take and some practical details for implementation (the hardest and most essential part).

Compliance: An attraction tool that encourages women to invest more effort in you and as a result become more attracted. It can also be used to create better boundaries, and as a result you are able to set the foundation for healthy relationships (when used appropriately, it can also be abused and have the opposite effect).

Vin DiCarlo has made advice on the concept of “Compliance” a part of most of his courses. It’s part of his trademark and what he was originally known for. a part of most of his courses. In Dominant Sexual Power he provides you with a lot more depth and details on how to get compliance, and its purpose in relationships with women.

For those of you familiar with the concept it will help you to understand it more fully, relate it to practical actions you can take, and apply it more in your life.

Shaping: Innovative and very useful advice on how to shape your relationships with women and make them more healthy. The principle is to eliminate or minimize negative behaviors and emphasize a woman’s positive behaviors in your relationships.

This is without a doubt the most useful part of the course and even guys at an advanced level will learn new things. In fact, the section on “Shaping” is not so relevant for beginners, because it is more sophisticated.

Sexual Tension: A very well known and common concept used in courses helping you to attract women. This part of the course is less innovative, and if you have studied many other courses, in particular those on attracting women, many of the concepts should be familiar to you. For the beginner, this is a good foundation on how to create attraction.

The objective of the course is to string these four pieces together to wield attraction in your life and in your relationships. Perhaps a clearer name for the course would’ve been “Dominant Attraction Power”.


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