“Practical Guide On How To Create A Social Life That Draws Women To You”

This product is the practical guide on how to implement Greg’s system of using the power of social circles to meet and date high quality women. If you want an overview of his system then you can check out The King’s Game. It’s considerably cheaper but has less detail on how to implement the system.

If you’re more of an extroverted person and enjoy being really sociable, this product and the style it advocates will be well suited to you. If you’re more of an introvert and find social situations to be really draining, you might not enjoy the process that this system entails. You’ll still pick up some valuable information, but you might have no interest in a lot of what’s involved here.

For those who are willing to invest the time and effort into applying the strategies Greg teaches, you’re likely to get good results. Definitely worth checking out if you can afford it, and especially for guys who want a lifestyle where they have access to lots of attractive women.

Social Supremacy Blueprint by Greg Greenway is designed for guys who want the ability to meet and date many quality women through being introduced to them via their social circles. It’s about building a lifestyle that continually adds quality women (and guys) over time so that you’re creating something that offers long term value.

It differs from a lot of other dating products in that it focuses on meeting women through warm approaches rather than cold approaches. A cold approach is when you start a conversation with a woman with her having no idea who you are, whereas a warm approach she’ll already know something about you.

The most common way to meet women through a warm approach is to be introduced by someone, so Social Supremacy Blueprint is all about teaching you how to get to the point where you know many people and thus are introduced to new women all the time.

The advantage that this sort of style has is that you aren’t starting from scratch every time you go out. If you focus on just trying to date or sleep with every girl that you cold approach, then you’re potentially missing out on adding her to your life and meeting all of her friends as well. By having the intention to make friends with them, over time this will have a snowball type of effect as momentum builds and you meet a lot of women with much less effort.


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