True Female Nature is everywhere; it is all around us. You can see it when you look at the television or when you look out your window. You can feel True Female Nature when you go to work or when you go to the store. Do not be a slave to True Female Nature! •Is there something about women that you always wanted to know, but could never figure out? •Are you struggling with relationships with the women in your life?•Are you being taken advantage of by women in the dating market?•How can you leverage the “dating game” to your favor?To answer these questions, men need to have an “abundance” mindset that is self-aware, that is knowledgeable, and a mindset that wants a purposeful life. “Hack Her: True Female Nature 101” is an introductory course describing female nature, at a novice level. The purpose of “Hack Her” is to help men gain a better understanding of women, as far as the “logic” behind their (female) thinking. Women are not angels; they lie, they cheat, they steal, just like everyone else. The only difference is that women use their “sexual bait” to mask their deceitful strategies. The title “Hack Her” is wordplay on the term “hacker”. The female mind is uncharted like the Dark Web of the internet; people know little to nothing about the modern female psyche. Men who are aware of this “Dark Web” (the mind of a woman) are called “Coders” because they have the cheat “codes” to manipulate female nature to their will. “Coders” understand that with great power comes even greater responsibility! “Hack Her: True Female Nature 101” is a book written to help men see life from the point of view of the average woman that has a Westernized mindset. This book does not just describe the women that men date; the women described in this book also include the men’s own mother, their own sisters, their own aunts, their own daughters, etc. Men of today can use “Hack Her: True Female Nature 101” as a device to decrypt, or hack, the “Dark Web” of the female mind. Becoming a “Coder” will help prevent men from “going their own way”. This book will give men the tools that they need to be in control of their own emotions, while in romantic relationships with women. “Hack Her” breakdowns the persona of women and gives men a better understanding of why (mentally) women do what they do (i.e. sex, money, dating). “Hack Her” can also help women understand other women. Often times, women comprehend other women by the examples of the females in their own personal lives; a mere anecdotal representation of True Female Nature. The male and female gender can use this book to repair relationships amongst each other, which can rebuild family structures, therefore reconstructing communities built on a foundation of healthy (marital) relationships. Once men have a deeper understanding of True Female Nature, only then can men appreciate women for who they truly are; the primary caretakers of the pediatric (children) and the geriatric (elderly) population in every country. Men around the world need to recognize that True Female Nature is nothing to be afraid of because it is neither good nor bad; it just is what it is. This is your Last Chance to change your life; after this, there is no turning back. You can choose not to read “Hack Her: True Female Nature 101” and remain the same ignorant, beta male that believes whatever it is that you believe. Or, you can get your hands on “Hack Her: True Female Nature 101” to learn how deceptive and how manipulative the female psyche is. All this book is offering is the truth, nothing more. Point out the lie!Do you want to know what True Female Nature is?

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