The 5 Principles 2,0 is a 5 week course that won’t just teach you the 5 Principles in theory, but in action as well: how to use these principles to meet and date the women you want.

I’ve specifically structured the content to prevent any information overload or confusion whatsoever, implementing feedback from the first course so you can easily digest the content and implement it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever bought other products that just dump hours of content without proper structure, but this course is not one of them.

Here is a brief overview of what I’ll teach you in the course

Week 01 – Awareness

Awareness is the bedrock of seductive success: without it, you can’t be natural with a women

Week 02 –  Intent

Intent is the fuel, the fire behind seduction. in a nutshell, intent is the ability to focus your desire, will and whole being to deliver a clean masculine impact and message to women.

Without it, you will be stuck to the friend zone forever

Week 03 – Emotional Impact

What separates  Natural from the Average Joe is his ability to create a deep, lasting emotional impact on a women. She needs to feel like you are right for her emotionally, not be convinced logically.

Women decides to sleep with a man for only one reason…because it feels right.

Week 04 – Pressure and Release

This is the principle that ties everything together. All great seducers have the ability to create, hold and release pressure with women.

Week 05 – Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the trigger is the final principle.

It’s the man’s job to pull the trigger and if he doesn’t, nothing happens. She is not going to do it for you. It’s your job to make all the important moves in a seduction.

Also includes Principle Lectures, Bonuses and Weekly Missions


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