Infield Footage Month One!

Oh hi there.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the MAGIC SHOW.

Our Month 1 of Infield Footage came out AWESOME, so excited you guys get to see a good close up look at how this thing works.

This was shot on the Santa Monica Promenade, where I do most of my day gaming. We had a hell of a time figuring out how to get a good shot of this (lost like 5 different interactions before we got it down).

We figured out that if we had the cameraman sitting down on a bench waiting, with a backpack AND jacket on his lap and the tiny cam right in between his legs and we waited for the right girl to come frolicking through the busy shopping expanse, we could make it work. We did.

Notice the state I go in with. The energy was there from the get go. Physically grabbing her hand commands her attention and amplifies the State Transfer from me to her.

Then after the opening line, which had a strong Push/Pull element to it and may have pushed her away a little too much for the situation at hand, I lean in (this is temporarily submittal body language, which is normally less attractive but in the moment I needed her to feel some sense of control, otherwise I’d have just blown out her circuits too quickly) and say “OK, 25 minutes??”. Then, I lean back again and go from there.


Go back to Involuntary Attraction Bombs Month Two to see more, but off the top of my head… The “You seem fun” line, the “Cooking Future Adventure Projection” and the “Apple” parts are all parts of Express Moves I say all the time.

Also, you can see this girl was instantly attracted almost the minute I opened her up. There’s obviously always an element of randomness to game that we can’t control, so I’d say her instant attraction was a combination of..

Confident, Physical, Unapologetic Open + Light Tease Immediately (“regret it for 15…maybe 20 mins) + Energetic State + She really wanted to get hit on that day

I am of course, my hardest critic, so things I thought I could have done better:

  1. Body Langauge in general. I was stepping side to side a little too much, should have just been physically GROUNDED and I’m interacting with her.
  2. Kissed her. She was ready for it, and it wouldn’t have taken any more than a “I feel like slow dancing, come here <grab her, slow dance with her in the middle of the street — hold piercing eye contact, let tension build, triangulation, pause, kiss>”.

I knew we were planning on filming more so in my head I was like I don’t want to kiss her ’cause then I’ll have to take her somewhere now and go for the pull, etc.

Obviously, this makes no sense as I could have just kissed her, made up an excuse to leave and then meet my camera guy somewhere else. Oh well.



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