Having been banned by over three religious bodies for the spread of demonic ideas, the legendary potency revolves around the legendary natural impotence solutions used by most respectable rulers in the world’s history. The read is ideal for individuals who have gone through medical prescriptions and supplements without much success in their sex life.

Legendary Potency claims to contain secrets used by some of the world’s most famous individuals. Some of the mentioned leaders include Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Giovanni Casanova, Emperor Nero, King Tutankhamen, King Leonidas, Bruce Lee, Montezuma II, King Louis XV, Alexander the Great, Confucius, King Solomon, Muhammad Ali, Spartacus, Saladin, etc.

Erectile Dysfunction In The Legendary Potency

The books go about explaining the different scenarios of men faced with impotence issues and their daily life struggles. According to the author, this problem is no one’s fault and thus needs to be addressed in the right way. Nature leads to reduced testosterone which decreases your performance levels on a yearly basis.

The author goes further to explain that as much as there are various supplements for erectile dysfunction, the side effects that come with it are diverse and sometimes unbearable.

As the book progresses, the author touches on some beliefs held by different communities on the possible causes of Erectile Dysfunction. For instance, the forbidden consuming of onions by Buddhists which is said to increase the size of the testes.

Secrets Uncovered

The author of the book seems to invest in first-hand research to come up with the contents of the book. All through the narration, the author insists on having gone through many experimentation sessions to prove the efficiency of the methods.

For instance, he claims to have indulged in sexual activities with various women all of which were successful, something we cannot verify. So, in this case, you will have to wait and find out for yourself. However, the stories used seem to make a lot of sense as the explanations around each one of them helps to connect some missing dots.

According to the book, not many people know the secrets found in the Legendary Potency as many modern writers shun from covering the issues. However, as much as there is an outstanding number of prescribed erectile dysfunction pills, not many men use them through the end. According to the author, this is because those pills lack efficiency hence the need for people to come up with better-guaranteed solutions such as the ones in the Legendary Potency book.

Furthermore, to trigger user interest, the author goes ahead to point out the increasing death levels of potency boosting pills such as Viagra. We cannot ignore this fact as this seems to be a common trend in the world today. But are these secrets the solution the world needs?

What Do I Stand To Gain?

According to the author, the book gives comprehensive coverage of the lifestyle and the specific secrets used by each leader over their lifetime. Through this, you will be able to get perfect solutions for your problem, as you compare your case with those mentioned in the book. All this comes as three volume set of the author’s advanced program. Sounds good enough? Wait a minute.

In the book, the author takes you through various problems and how to address them. There are also the many spices you shouldn’t miss in your house, and the potency secrets churches have been trying to hide for so long.


  • The Potent Man’s Recipe Book

  • Sex in a Bottle

  • Casanova’s Dark Art


Erectile dysfunction has become a haunting problem for so many men in the world. With each passing day, new cases or erectile dysfunction are emerging. There is nothing that completely kills a man like being unable to perform sexually. It makes him feel less of a man and lacking in something. This condition has caused a lot of strain on marriages and relationships. The women also become affected because they become sexually unsatisfied and this torments their mind. If you’re tired of taking harmful supplements, desperate to avoid surgery on your manhood but want to get your sex life back together and thriving, then Heat Yourself Hard is the right program for you. This program promises to give you the tools you need to solve your erectile dysfunction in a natural and healthy way, without the risk of side effects.

What is the Heat Yourself Hard?

Heat Yourself Hard is an all-natural and drug-free solution to eliminate your erectile dysfunction by addressing the real root cause and not just masking the symptoms. It provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to use capsaicin foods to turbocharge your sex drive, banish erectile problems, and make you a lover your wife or girlfriend will never forget just by adding one ingredient to your lunch or dinner each day.

How Does Heat Yourself Hard Works?

  • It gives you instructions on how to use spicy foods to restore your manhood, brings intimacy into your relationship, and makes your sex life immune to time.

  • It provides simple dietary trick that’ll not only make you harder by tonight but flush and de-gunk your arteries at the same time.

  • It contains 3 little-known secrets to eating all the ultra-potent meals you want with zero burn, zero stomach aches, and zero flinching.

  • It includes ancient secret to automatically turn back the hormonal clock, boost your sexual performance, and restore youthful health you had at teenage.

What Will You Learn From Heat Yourself Hard?

  • You will learn exactly how to use hot foods to boost your health, banish ED, and reclaim your masculinity without feeling any burn or negative side effects.

  • You will learn exactly why capsaicin is perfectly safe and actually nourishes your body even in high amounts.

  • You will also receive simple step-by-step recipe guides, ingredient lists & directions on how to make a sizzling sauce, BBQ Dip, and ED-busting Sriracha.

  • You will learn how to easily and naturally preserve large batches of fresh peppers with barely any work or time investment.

  • You will discover 11 easy potency-boosting BBQ sauce recipes to turn even the most sinful dishes into natural penis-stiffening remedies.

  • You will discover two-step method that cuts a peppers heat down by 95% while still getting 100% of the health & sexual benefits associated with them.


  • BBQ Sauce Erections

  • Swallowing Fire


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