Magic Bullets is broken into a 4 step system so that you can quickly and easily gain the insights, skills and strategies of the most successful dating instructors and artists in the world.

Which means, that no matter where you’re at right now – from a complete beginner who’s never been laid, through to someone with a bit of experience – you can immediately hard-wire the exact same tactics, techniques and confidence of these ‘gurus’ directly into your brain, attitude and personality.

The BEST PART is that you don’t need ‘pick-up’ lines, or pretend to be someone that you’re not — because Magic Bullets gives you the tools to instantly flip any woman’s attraction switches exactly as you are, right now.

The Handbook will teach you the most effective and advanced system for meeting, dating and seducing women – it’s simple but disturbingly effective! It has been over 5 years in the making… (and it is so systematic and reliable that it has actually been labeled as ‘dating science’). It’s a simple step-by-step system that teaches you how to engage sexy women in fun and natural conversations, get their phone numbers, right through to how you can increase intimacy, romance and more. It will show you how to develop a passionate and sexual relationship with the girl of your dreams (plus importantly you will learn exactly how, where, and when you can meet her). It’s got the proven ways to get women to initiate “accidental” dates that are pressure-free… AND the 6 best places to consistently meet a huge range of desirable women (plus four specific ways to immediately improve your “game”).

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