Top Dating Coach Reveals What Normal, Average-Looking Guys Need To Say To Women To Spark Attraction Without Coming Off As Creepy Or Using Cheesy Pickup Lines

How To Spark REAL Attraction And REAL Connection With The Woman Of Your Dreams

This book is the result of over 10 years of coaching to find the simplest, most effective way to attract the woman of your dreams… It’s your master key to effortless attraction.

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover…

First, I’ll break down a woman’s secret language…

A.k.a. how women actually communicate.

This secret alone could be a game-changer for you.

(I bet you’ll have multiple “ah-ha” moments when you see it)

Getting stuck in the friend zone?

This secret language will tell you how to finally get out of it…

She’s testing you?

You’ll be glad that she does, because you can use the secret language to not only pass her tests, but also turn her on even more.

When you can speak a woman’s secret language, you won’t wonder what to say…

All the right words will flow out of you like second nature.

And whether it’s a female coworker that you’re attracted to…

A female friend that you want more than just a friendship with

Or a woman you see at Starbucks or a bar…

I’ll give you a brain-dead simple framework that’s based on this secret language…

It will instantly make you stand out from all the other guys that she’s talked to in the past.

You can use it to create a romantic connection…

And she’ll get so excited when you ask her out.

Plus you’ll discover…

  • The #1 mistake guys make that kills the romantic vibe with women (It seems totally innocent to guys, but it’s the ultimate red flag to women).

  • The ONE counter-intuitive mindset shift to turn women on, spark romantic attraction, and make HER chase you

  • Don’t know what to say? Use these 3 Conversation Starters that will make her love talking to you in ANY situation.

  • Why the first impression is CRUCIAL for sparking attraction and exactly what to do during this golden window of opportunity.

  • How to build a romantic connection with her so quickly that she feels like you’ve known each other for months, even if it’s only your first date.

  • The ONE small tweak to make any boring conversation sound flirty (Women love to flirt… but ONLY when you do it right).

  • How to lead conversations so that it excites her and turns her on (Most guys get this wrong and turn it into a boring interview).

  • She’s testing you? Be glad she does, because I’ll show you step-by-step how to not only pass her tests, but also make her more attracted to you in the process.

  • Do this ONE simple thing to let her see YOU as the prize and make her chase you.

  • Your personal action plan to get out of the friend zone (And I’ll show you what you should do to avoid the “friend zone” in the first place).

  • The ONE mistake most guys make within the first 10 seconds of meeting a woman. (You could totally repel a woman without knowing this!)

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