She’s Yours For The Taking: A Man’s Guide to the Seduction and Sexual Enchantment of Women goes beyond the juvenile notion of just “picking up women”. It’s a complete Dating and Mating Handbook that a man can refer to at every step along the way to seduction: from how to first engage a woman in a manner that makes an intriguing impression on her… to guiding her straight into his arms by feeding her the proper romantic signals that she craves at every step along the way. And it’s all done with paint-by-numbers ease!To begin, SYFT presents a very low-pressure cold-meeting move called Pull Tabbing. This easy-going, casual socializing technique will equip you with a solid plan of social action that can be stored away in your head all ready to spring into action. It’s especially effective for making hay with those sudden “gotcha” chances to meet women that happen when you least expect them… at the mall, in school or even out on the street. Pull Tabbing shows you how to flirt in an appropriate and friendly manner that can capture a woman’s immediate interest — and without having to hang your Ego out to dry in the process!Pulling a phone number will seem like a natural extension of the flirt, rather than an awkward intrusion into her life.Then you’ll learn about the Three Date Master Seduction: Action, Connection and Romantic-style get togethers that appeal to her deepest romantic instincts like a lock-and-key. Understanding this correct approach to her heart can quickly forge that elusive bond of “chemistry” that is often lacking on first dates that fizzle.She’s Yours then completes the journey in the bedroom with a galaxy of erotic moves that are designed to send her straight into orgasmic orbit… while turning YOU into her favorite new addiction!No matter what your current level of social or romantic skill, SYFT will show you how to take it to the next level and turn any girl that you’ve got your eye on into the girl of your dreams.

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