A Journey To Infinitheism

Achieve your boldest goals and awaken your soul’s brightest potential with Mahatria: the revolutionary spiritual teacher to today’s leading CEOs and high performers

A program for the person who wants to master spirituality and success in the real world

A wise guru in flowing robes sits perched on a snow-capped mountain top.

His eyes are shut. His mind and body are still. His lips trace ancient incantations.

And although he has released all worldly attachments, his soul is one with all that is.

When most people think of “spiritual enlightenment”, this kind of lofty image comes to mind.

It’s a far cry from the real world you live in daily…

Because unlike you, the guru doesn’t have audacious goals to pursue. He’s unworried about his performance or productivity.

And even if he had clients or co-workers – they’d never reach him all the way up on that mountain.

So how could he possibly show you the answer to becoming the best version of yourself?

This disconnect between our perception of spirituality, and its ultimate truth… is the reason most of us never harness our souls to awaken our true power.

The truth about spirituality will set you (and your fullest potential) free

According to the visionary spiritual leader Mahatria, spirituality is the preeminent path to self-mastery and success in all its forms.

Mahatria approaches spirituality through an accessible lens of joy, love, and laughter known as infinitheism.

And with it, he has helped millions of people – including many of the world’s top CEOs and achievers – experience game-changing breakthroughs in their work, their missions, and their lives.

Infinitheism is the key to spiritual mastery designed for people who want to show up and be extraordinary in the real world.

Instead of releasing your emotions, you are taught to embrace them as catalysts for growth and personal power.

Instead of giving up your attachments, you are encouraged to make your mark on the world, and find Divinity in everything.

And instead of relinquishing your sense of self, you are trained to channel your gifts and presence to uplift yourself and others.

Through an approach that harmonizes Western science with Eastern wisdom, Mahatria’s first-ever Mindvalley program – A Journey To Infinitheism – gives you the mind shifts, tools, and epiphanies you need to experience the most rewarding spiritual awakening of your life.

The 3 layers of the infinitheism philosophy:

The awareness, unconditional loving, and mastery of yourself

Nurturing deep acceptance and connections with the people around you

Your relationship with God, Divinity, and Higher Powers

The curriculum

Explore the curriculum of A Journey To Infinitheism

A Journey To Infinitheism is a 25-day online journey towards the most rewarding and transformational spiritual breakthrough of your life.

On each day you’ll join Mahatria himself for a 20-minute video lesson covering every dimension of your spiritual awakening: from your relationship with yourself and your emotions, to your capacity for impact and self-mastery, to your connection to Divinity, and much more.

You’ll experience waves of profound inner growth and epiphanies as you progress through the program: culminating in a soul awakening that forever transforms how you feel, how you perceive yourself and others, and how you perform and show up in the world.

Me – Accepting, Loving & Mastering Yourself (Day 1 – 8)

Your journey to infinitheism begins with you. Your relationship with yourself is the core of any spiritual awakening, so you’ll start by learning how to embrace unconditional self-awareness and self-love, as you explore and master the beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that shape how you feel, how you present yourself, and how you shape the world around you.

Highlights include:

  • The roadmap to truly unconditional self-love: learn the best way to perceive and treat yourself with everlasting love and kindness, no matter what’s happening inside you or around you.
  • Manifesting your desires rapidly with the Purna Shakti method: a remarkable blend of Western science and Eastern wisdom, Purna Shakti is the ultimate self-guided process for bringing your dreams into reality.
  • The spiritual truth about money and wealth: experience a profound mind shift that will forever transform how you perceive and attract abundance – no more hang-ups, fears, or conflicts about money.
  • Mastering your invisible self: discover how to go deep within, and gain a powerful understanding of how and why your subconscious mind flows – so you can naturally and without resistance grow into the life you want to live and the thoughts you want to channel.
  • And much more.

We – Transcending Ego & Connecting Deeply With Others (Day 9 – 16)

After mastering you, your journey continues with an outward expansion towards your relationships with the people around you. Here you’ll discover the infinitheism philosophy for connecting, uplifting, and empathizing with others in a way that brings joy and growth to all parties.

Highlights include:

  • Expressing love beyond the ego: you don’t need to let go of your principles and morals – but by learning to love beyond your ego, you can create loving relationships in even the most challenging circumstances.
  • The beautiful balance of emotional and rational thought: follow these steps to liberate your heart and mind when connecting with others – so you’re able to light up your relationships with both child-like wonder and timeless intelligence.
  • The secret to true forgiveness: release all guilt, heal all pain, and bridge all divides with a simple mind shift that helps both you and the other party rediscover your reverence for each other.
  • Embodying love with Prema Nidra: harness the power of creative visualization and your limitless imagination to deepen, strengthen, and heal every relationship that matters to you.
  • And much more.

Thee – Enriching Your Life Through Divine Intelligence & Support (Day 17 – 25)

The final step of your journey takes you far beyond yourself and other people – towards an ecstatic connection with Divinity itself. Whether you perceive this as God, the Universe, or even collective consciousness – you’ll discover how to embrace a new way of living and achieving at your fullest potential, through the support of a Higher Power.

Highlights include:

  • Harnessing faith as a bridge to infinite intelligence: there is a better way to channel faith – not as a means of blindly believing in something, but as a key to unlocking life-changing answers, insights, and gifts in your waking reality.
  • The Divine antidote to fear and chaos: by embodying this one simple emotion, you become near-immune to the uncertainties and turbulence of life.
  • How to experience Divinity in everything: from nature, to yourself and other people, to even inanimate objects – discover how to find and connect with a Higher Power by simply engaging with everyday life.
  • The ultimate prayer to the Universe: learn the ‘infiniprayer’ – a soul-opening practice you’ll use daily to instantly and profoundly connect to God, collective consciousness, and the pure vibration of love.
  • And much more.


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