A business program for entrepreneurs or professionals seeking a clearer, better, faster path to their biggest goals

Do you know exactly where you’re going in business and in life?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely have a mission and vision statement somewhere on your wall or in a folder.

And not too far from it, you might also have a stack of 5-year roadmaps, company values, and other documents for mapping out your direction and future.

Making these plans was probably a pain: one that demanded endless hours of brainstorms, meetings, and heated debates.

But without looking at them right now: can you recall exactly what’s in them?

And more importantly: can you confidently say you’ve made the best plans for your future; and that your daily business decisions consistently align with them?

If you’ve ever struggled with envisioning, articulating, or staying on track with your business’ future, your solution isn’t in the traditional planning tools most others rely on (and often quickly forget about).

Instead, what you want is a framework that perpetually energizes you – and every person on your team – with extraordinary clarity, focus, and momentum.

What you want is a Vivid Vision®.

A Vision So Clear, It Becomes Unstoppable

Designed by leading business consultant Cameron Herold, a Vivid Vision® is a crystal-clear, actionable 3-year game plan that aligns you (and your team, if you have one) with your ultimate definition of success.

Cameron has used this exact process to create exponential growth in a vast spectrum of organizations around the world – from solo businesses and fresh startups, to top tier multinationals, and even a monarchy.

And through his first-ever program with Mindvalley, you too can now retire that old mission and vision statement: and create a Vivid Vision® so powerful, it makes your biggest goals inevitable.

The Curriculum

Explore The Vivid Vision® Curriculum

ivid Vision® is a 10-day online program that guides you through Cameron’s signature methodology for designing a hyper-vivid 3-year game plan for your business’ best future.

Each day, you’ll join Cameron in a 15 – 20 minute video lesson on mastering every step of designing, perfecting, and communicating your very own Vivid Vision® for your organization and even your personal life.

The curriculum is divided into four unique parts, each with its own easy-to-follow tools and exercises (the same one Cameron shares with his high-end clients in closed-door sessions).

By the end of the program, you’ll emerge with a newfound clarity both for your business, and your path as an entrepreneur – along with the focus and momentum to turn that vision into reality.

Understanding The Vivid Vision®

You’ll begin by exploring the fundamentals of a Vivid Vision®: including how it works, why it’s superior to traditional mission and vision statements, and how the world’s best companies and entrepreneurs harness its fundamentals to outperform and outlast the competition.

Highlights include:

  • What entrepreneurs can learn from Olympic athletes: professional athletes have the superhuman ability to stay focused and determined, while visualizing their future victory as if it’s already happened. You’ll discover how to embody these qualities in your work and life.
  • How your mission and vision document silently cripples you: find out why the traditional approach to envisioning inevitably leads to frustration, unfulfilled potential, and wasted time and money – and how to avoid this common trap.
  • The five most important pages you’ll ever write: dive into the architecture of a Vivid Vision®, and how just a few short pages can set you and your entire organization on a path to extraordinary impact.
  • And so much more.

Creating Your Vivid Vision®

Your next step takes you from theory to application. Here Cameron will guide you through every step of strategizing, designing, and perfecting a singular Vivid Vision® for yourself and everyone on your team.

Highlights include:

  • The architects of your vision: who should write your Vivid Vision®? Who makes it happen? And should there be different versions for different departments? Discover the optimal way to engage your team in the process, based on Cameron’s experience with hundreds of companies.
  • Where and how to design your vision: the best place to design your Vivid Vision® is not in your office, and the best way to design it is through an unorthodox (but radically effective) envisioning process that ignites your fullest clarity and creativity.
  • Turning your vision into a masterpiece: discover how to harness the power of copywriting and visual design to level up your Vivid Vision® into an empowering and magnetic gateway to growth and transformation.
  • And so much more.

Sharing & Communicating Your Vivid Vision®

With your Vivid Vision® in hand, it’s now time to share it with your partners, team, and allies. This is where you’ll discover how to leverage it as a rallying call for your entire organization – and a powerful amplifier of motivation, passion, and collaboration.

Highlights include:

  • Rolling out your vision internally: discover how to introduce your Vivid Vision® to your team in a way that inspires awe and wonder, and gets them on board instantly (you don’t need to be a master orator, but you do need to follow a few crucial steps).
  • Bringing your vision to the world: learn how to time, position, communicate, and reinforce your external rollout strategy for maximum impact, and even how to use your Vivid Vision® as the foundation for a stronger brand and market presence.
  • The ‘Can You Imagine’ wall: use this simple tactic to engage your team members in co-envisioning and refining your Vivid Vision®, and get many other proven strategies for perfecting a dynamic vision that guides you not just for three years, but decades.
  • And so much more.

A Vivid Vision® For Your Personal Life

The beauty of the Vivid Vision® methodology is that it can be applied to your personal life just as well as your business. In this final level, you’ll learn how to create a Vivid Vision® encompassing every dimension of your life – so you can be not just a better entrepreneur, but a better human being.

Highlights include:

  • Exploring the you beyond the entrepreneur: take a deep dive into the many facets of you, and discover how to best unify your goals and desires into one beautifully aligned life.
  • The 5 F’s of an extraordinary life: from your fitness and finances, to your family, friends, and faith – design your crystal-clear vision of a life so good, you’d want to live it over and over again.
  • A vision for your ideal relationships: your friends and family are one of your greatest sources of joy, inspiration, and support. Discover how to create a vision that guarantees lifelong closeness and empathy with them.
  • And so much more.

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