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Listen carefully.

Times have changed.

A few years ago, the concept of magically finding your soulmate was REAL.

And I’ll tell you exactly why it was real.

It was real because there was NO OTHER WAY of meeting women.

You only met in real life, face-to-face, probably at a local fair or at a community event.

You were the ONLY guy she was talking to.

So… There was a period of “FINDING” and “MAGICALLY REALIZING” whether you both were soulmates or not.

But now?

With social media, with dating apps, with cultural brainwashing designed to turn women into Sl*ts?

Women aren’t just talking to ONE DUDE at any given time.

They’re talking to TEN.

and All ten dudes are trying to get the same thing from her.

I know you think that you’re gonna eventually magically find your soulmate,

And that you will live happily ever after.

But I’m here to tell you…

You’ve probably already met her.

And she’s in another man’s dick right now.

you met her, she was intrigued by you. You had her attention but you couldn’t keep her interested.

You couldn’t put yourself out there in a way that was attractive.

You couldn’t “game” her.

So while you sit here waiting to find out if she magically realizes she’s your soulmate?

Some other dude who used my techniques inside The Seduction Bible is fvcking her RIGHT NOW.

She’s screaming his name out loud right now.

A name that SHOULD have been YOURS.

A name that WOULD have been YOURS.


I’m not saying this to insult you.

I’m putting it in a brutal way because I CARE ABOUT YOU.

Society has fed you lies for years, since the day you were born.

“Be a nice guy and the right girl will come”

I don’t believe in soft lies.

I believe in giving the HONEST, BRUTAL TRUTH.

The world has changed, my man.

And every day you’re not learning game, is one more day that those TEN, perhaps even 100 guys ARE.

And they are getting the unfair edge over you.


Yes, it IS in your CONTROL.

if you’re with me so far, continue reading.

If not, go back to Disneyland.

Can I Share My Story With You?

I’ll be honest with you.

Up until a few years ago, I was the guy who girls didn’t want to touch with a 10-foot-pole.

I had a bunch of friends from childhood who didn’t respect me, but I stuck with them anyway for two reasons:

  1. Because I didn’t know how to make new ones, and
  2. I liked someone giving a fvck about me.

I couldn’t ask someone in the street for directions if my life depended on it, so I was happy to be the “sidekick”, the “male bestfriend”, the “nice guy”

One of the girls in my locality liked me, I had no idea why. But looking back, I realise it was because she wanted to get back on her toxic ex boyfriend.

(She wanted to pick the biggest loser to make her ex mad)

I didn’t know it at that time, and frankly, I didn’t care.

I loved her a lot and she loved me back. (or so I thought)

Life was fine.


I had just found out that the supposed love of my life had cheated on me with my best friend.

All the time, dedication and heart wrenching love poured into a relationship…

All ended up fuelling the most depressed time of my life.

I still remember that day.

I couldn’t live with the shame and pain.

“What will my friends say?”

“How will I even go out in public anymore?”

For the next few days, I sat on my couch, play video games all day, and jerked off every night before i cried myself to sleep.

I couldn’t take it any longer.

The pain was too much man.


To describe myself as an empty shell of who I was, was an extreme understatement.

In a moment like this I had two options-

I could call it quits, waste all the effort my loved ones took, disrespect my bloodline, and end my life.

Or I could muster the strength to rise to the occasion and get back at life and my evil ex.

Post traumatic stress or post traumatic growth.

The decision was mine.

But the little courage that I had left inside, somehow, it gave me hope.

I couldn’t go down like this.


I decided to rise against the odds and screamed so loud that the neighbors were about the call the cops.



I kept my feet down and worked on my game for the next 6 months.

I bought tons of courses, joined bootcamps, many of which were absolutely trash PUA sh*t that doesn’t work.

It hurt even more because I had borrowed money from my family members to fund my “education” in game. (I was broke as a joke)

But through practice, failure, and refinement, I changed my introverted self into an extrovert.

I built my social circle during the day and partied hard with them at night- where I approached and slept with beautiful women.

6 months later, I made that ex my f*ckbuddy, till I got bored of her and dumped her. I moved to a different city, where she FOLLOWED me.

I banged her there for a while as well and dumped her again.


But at this point, I didn’t even care.

I was drowning in attention and devotion from beautiful women & connecting with powerful men everywhere I went.

I made a name in the event promoter industry and started multiple businesses with these powerful men.

I SAW the power of psychology, persuasion, game, and influence.

And keep in mind, I’m not genetically gifted in any aspect. (Except maybe my determination to keep fvcking going)

I know what it’s like to have everything taken from you and come out stronger, better, badass-er.

When the pandemic struck and I jumped online, I saw just how PATHETIC most guys were.

I realized that My story was not unique, and that MILLIONS of dudes were going through the same thing I went through.

It STRUCK A DEEP CHORD INSIDE ME when I heard guys tell me stories of girls cheating, millions being taken away from divorce, child custody snatched away, the happiness of their life destroyed, and much worse incidents.

Incidents that could’ve EASILY BEEN PREVENTED.

If… They knew what I knew.


Look, I’m not a magazine fitness model. I don’t belong to a rich family, and I don’t have horse sized genitals. I’m not even 6 feet tall!

And yet, If you knew what I know now, after years of rejections and struggle, you will realize that women REALLY don’t care about ANY of that.

Women respond to the SAME Attraction signals that they’ve responded to For MILLIONS OF YEARS.

Game removes their layers of social conditioning and gets them in touch with their INNER FEMININE SPIRIT.

The feminine spirit who just wants a man who can LEAD, CHALLENGE, DOMINATE, AND LIGHT UP HER WORLD.

And once you start effortlessly sleeping with beautiful women as I did, you start to realise that life, and game, is SO MUCH BIGGER than just women.

Game is about creating incredible experiences with women who are devoted to you.

And doing all this while crushing your goals, creating incredible memories with your amazing social circle, and DOMINATING your purpose, as you live a life of COMPLETE FREEDOM.

And If you’ve been hurt like me before, or going through something similar right now…

I want you to know from personal experience-

If you don’t do anything about the pain, it only grows stronger and deadlier. 💔

Which is why…

I’m FINALLY Revealing ALL MY SECRETS Inside The Seduction Bible.

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