Some of what you’ll learn in Texting Titan!:

  • Texting and language patterns most men don’t know, see, understand, or even know exist
  • Why texting is more complicated today and how it can screw you over
  • The correct approach, psychology, and strategy when texting
  • What your goal of texting should be and why you need lots of practice texting women
  • Her mindset and what’s happening in her brain while you’re texting her and she’s texting you
  • How to move up on her list of importance when texting her
  • How often she will text back, reasons she may not text back right away, and what to do when she doesn’t text back
  • How and why women can be texting geniuses
  • How to tell if she’s interested in you through texting
  • How much and how often you should text her
  • How long and how many words your texts should be
  • What you should say, shouldn’t say, and what’s inappropriate
  • What your mindset should be when texting her
  • How much thought you should put behind your texts
  • What your emotional state should be when texting her
  • Why you should always remain calm when texting
  • How to analyze her texts
  • How many questions you should ask
  • How long you should stay on one topic
  • How short is too short for a text
  • Spelling and word errors when texting
  • How and when to send her photos
  • How to avoid looking like an idiot when texting her
  • Why you should never lie or brag in your texts
  • When not to text her
  • How to properly share your feelings through text
  • Why you should never argue with her or complain when texting
  • How to start and end text conversations
  • Good text openers and replies
  • How often to reply to her texts
  • How to compliment through text
  • How and how often to use memes, gifs, emoticons, emojis, “lol”, “haha”, and exclamation marks
  • How to be fun and funnier when texting
  • How to flirt, qualify her, and challenge her

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