Divorced. Dumped. Or Demolished.

That is the punishment for men that are ‘winging it’ in a relationship.

Half of all marriages fail. But even those marriages are ‘success’ stories…
Because most men get cheated on, dumped or rejected before they even get to walk down the aisle…

The Dreamgirl Formula, is a step-by-step almost-done-for-you online program that teaches you not just how to turn any woman into ​your dream woman, But to make her happier and more in love than she’s ever been at the same time.

If that isn’t enough check out what you will learn as well:

How To Train Her To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

  • PREVENTABLE MISTAKES In the first week I’ll show you how to avoid the common mistakes most guys make that transform their relationships into a continuous trainwreck of drama, bullshit and nagging.

  • SECRET MANIPULATION TACTICS Women use these to take your freedom over time. If you fall for these tactics, she is WAY more likely to lose attraction for you and cheat on you. We’ll show you how to avoid being the victim of these.

  • THE PIMP METHOD The exact method pimps use to make girls fall in love with them and do what they want. You can use this to train your woman to become more loving, caring, attractive and sexual.

  • WHAT WOMEN WANT The number 1 most important thing women want in a relationship and how to give it to her in less than 30 seconds a day.

  • THE FORGOTTEN COMPLIMENT TRICK A simple trick that will make sure her new life-goal is pleasuring you. Use it to make her cook for you, work out, clean the house and become sex-addicted at the same time.

How To Have Amazing Relationships Without Drama, Arguments And Bullshit

  • THE “TINY TABLE” CONCEPT This concept is the trigger for nasty divorces and has destroyed countless relationships. You’ll learn how to avoid this happening to you and your relationship.

  • 4 SACRED CONFLICT PRINCIPLES We went through all the conflict advice recommended by so called “relationship experts”… but the problem is that most of it makes your arguments last 3 times longer! We distilled the things that actually work in real life into 4 ‘sacred’ principles that destroy all nagging and drama in relationships.

  • THE FORTUNE 500 “LISTING” TECHNIQUE This technique is used by Fortune 500 companies to appease their biggest clients when something goes wrong. Now you can use it to diffuse any argument with your woman.

  • THE 80/20 RULE OF ARGUMENTS  Never feel disrespected, insecure or terrible anymore because you will know how to talk yourself out of any argument (even if you’ve messed up big time).

  • Fix all relationship problems  We’ve created lists of common relationship problems. If you have any right now, you will find an easy fix here.

How To Keep Her Happy And Loyal To You

  • Ethical badboy strategy You will have to find a balance between being a nice guy in the relationship while getting treated like the “bad boy” that makes women so wet and attracted.

  • 12 step loyalty checklist Use these 12  steps to keep her happy and loyal and remain in absolute control of all your relationships 24 hours a day, 7 nights a week.

  • slay the demanding dragon How to prevent women from becoming spoiled, entitled brats, while still having them feel like you give them everything. Instead of a demanding dragon, you will turn her into a loving, sexual freak, dedicated to pleasing you.

  • THE pure magic of the “notepad trick” This will cause your woman to trust you more than any man she’s ever been with (even if you’ve messed up in the past).

  • Long Distance Relationships Discover how to succesfully have a long distance relationship and prevent the common mistakes most couples make.

How To Make Your Kinky Fantasies Real

  • female sexual psychology Women can’t see ahead in the bedroom. So they think what they like now is what they always are going to like. But there’s a way to get her to crave the next thing on your sex bucket list like a meth addict.

  • Anal addiction You will learn how to literally make any sex act the most romantic thing ever (Yes, really anything. Even anal fisting).

  • THE PORNHUB CHALLENGE By the end of this course, you will be able to go to Pornhub and select any video and have a clear strategy of how to get your woman to do it.

  • Dead bedroom antidote With the Dreamgirl Formula you will easily be able to prevent any dead bedroom from ever occurring, but if you’re in one now you’ll discover the most powerful known cure for it.

  • Nurture her wild side  You’ll learn 4 phrases you can steal and repeat to nurture her wild side and mould her into a woman that would make pornstars blush.

  • Step-By-step threesomes Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get even the most innocent woman excited about threesomes.

  • Open relationships 101  Of course you don’t have to get an open relationship, but if you would like it, here’s how you will get your woman excited about the thought of you sleeping with other women (even if she hates the idea of it now).

And – most importantly – you will learn…

How to do all the things listed above without sacrifice or compromise.

And make her happier than she has ever been before.

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