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Build confidence and become the man women want to be with with the Girlfriend Activation System. Join over 80,000 men in the Social Man community.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V2) is a step-by-step system that teaches you how to get a girlfriend using a little-known 3-step method that activates her “obsession story” and gets her to commit to you fully on both sexual and emotional levels…no cheesy lines or dumb manipulation tricks required.

If you’re feeling frustrated over not being with the woman you really want and you want to learn how to attract and keep that one amazing woman you can’t stop thinking about, then the Girlfriend Activation System is for you.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS for short) is a complete system designed to take you from start to finish to get a quality long term girlfriend.

The system combines self-growth advice (masculinity, sexuality, being a man) with a step by step process (“The Obsession Story”) in order to achieve this.

Becoming a true Jedi with women isn’t easy. The trial and error system many guys use to meet girls in order to find the ‘right’ one is an exhausting and extremely frustrating process.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is an online training course that helps guys attract and keep amazing girlfriends.

The main component of the Girlfriend Activation System V2 is an online video course created from a closed-door seminar Christian conducted in New York back in 2014. It’s actually an upgraded version of an earlier six-part GFAS program Christian produced the previous year.

GFAS is one of the most comprehensive programs in the marketplace. Of course quantity doesn’t automatically mean quality, so let’s take an in-depth look and review everything you get with the course and then assess if it’s any good or not.

Main Components Of The Girlfriend Activation System – 2nd Edition (GFAS V2)

The program breaks down the process of getting a girlfriend into three main sections or steps. Girlfriend Activation System steps include:

  1. The obsession-worthy man – developing the traits of a man who women obsess over

  2. The dating game – the initial meeting of a woman, texting, asking her out, first date, etc…

  3. Intimacy – that period of time where you go from dating to “official girlfriend/boyfriend”

GFAS Step 1. Become An Obsession-Worthy Man

This is the all-important first step of the course that deals with how to become “boyfriend-material”. It’s what Christian refers to as being an “obsession worthy man” and the “obvious choice”. Some people might refer to this as “inner game”. After all, attracting a beautiful woman doesn’t start with her; it starts with you.

Videos from 1 to 11

GFAS Step 2. The Dating Game

In day 2 of the Girlfriend Activation System, Christian turns to the very in-depth, step-by-step process of meeting a girl, going on dates, and escalating the relationship sexually.

Videos from 12 to 21

GFAS Step 3. Intimacy

This is the final phase of the obsession-story where Christian discusses the 2-6 weeks period where you go from “dating” to “being official”.

Video 22

Video 23 – Conclusion


Complete Confidence Hypnosis

Endless Conversations

Sexual Texting

The Breathtaking Hello

The Ten Code


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