Introducing The Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0.

The Secret Playbook to the Dating Life YOU Want.

Game, dating, understanding women, sexual dynamics…
And being the ultimate man in our modern world.

The updated and enhanced version of our dating product that is a literal A-to-Z Bible of Everytning You Need to Know to regularly get laid with hot women.

The dating landscape has become harder and we’ve continued to grow our own knowledge through ruthless experimentation.

99% of guys… Compete for 20% of the women!

  • No clue what to say on Tinder to start a conversation?
  • Girls ignoring you or ghosting you?
  • Girls making you jump through hoops to have sex?
  • You have no clue how women think?
  • Wondering why other guys have casual sex and girlfriends and YOU don’t?

What if you were the 1%?

This is the blueprint you need not only to succeed, but DOMINATE in the dating market place. This is the stuff that no one ever taught you!

And here’s the best part… You can use this for whatever YOU want.

  • Some of our students have used this to have more casual sex.
  • Others have used it to build a rotation of fuck buddies.
  • And others still have used it to find and get into a serious long-term relationship — even marriage.
Our students are having the sex, dating, and relationship lives they didn’t even think were possible!

This program has worked for THOUSANDS of guys…

And most of them are weirder and uglier than you!
Ha… We’re kidding, because we love our students.

But the fact is, success on Tinder, in dating, and in relationships has a LOT LESS to do with money and looks than you might think.

It’s about GAME.
It’s about CONFIDENCE.
It’s about SWAGGER.
It’s about becoming the type of man that women WANT.

That’s what this program will help you do.

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