Get My Magic Code Phrase

to Meet Any Woman in Any Situation Without

Awkwardness … Creepiness … or Rejection

The Approach Blueprint: The code phrase — which I’ll teach you in a minute — is a combination of words, tonality and body language that unconsciously make women attracted to you.

This program breaks down my step-by-step method for approaching women … disarming them … and engaging them in conversation.

It reveals my fiercely guarded “code phrase.”

And it contains every secret ever revealed to me by guys who approached me and had the “right stuff” to date me.

Here Are Some of The Secrets You’ll Discover When You Get Your Copy Today of “The Blueprint for The Approach”

  • Our groundbreaking “Code Phrase” & “OSA Formula” that will ALWAYS give you a reason to speak to a woman … even if you’re terrified of approaching women right now … and even if you’re like most guys and can never think of anything to say.

  • The 10 subtle signs women give that tell you: “GET OVER HERE AND START TALKING TO ME!”

  • The slick way to “accidentally” start conversations with girls you want to meet … Disguising your approach and making the conversation seem like a random coincidence.

  • How to bait a woman to indicate whether or not she’s open to your approach. And how to make her give you either a green light or red light so you’ll know your chances of success before you even start talking to her.

  • The 5 signals women give when they’re not interested. And how to know when to avoid a girl who isn’t open to talking.

  • How to approach a woman without coming off as creepy or weird … and how to respect her space without giving her the “icky feeling” women hate.

  • 6 genius “excuses” to speak to women that will make your approach welcome and natural. And how these excuses set the stage for the kind of flirty, attraction-building conversations women LOVE.

  • Why taking the approach one calibrated step at a time has consistently improved our students’ success rates by over 83% with our “Approach Ladder” concept.

  • My bulletproof formula for a seamless approach. And why a sexy mindset + the code phrase always equals success.

  • My famous “Reason for Approaching” protocol — and how using this tactic will make women EXCITED to speak to you.

  • My fierce, devilish way to turn the tables on a girl who “rejects you” — making it look like YOU rejected HER. Who said a little revenge is a bad thing, right?

  • How to “set up the interaction” so the first conversation gets sparked naturally — hiding the fact that you’re an ‘approach operative’ who staged the whole thing!

  • The 3 things most men will never know about how women want to be approached. And how knowing these inside secrets will save you months of heartache and false starts.

  • A simple question to ask yourself to give you the ideal approach for the situation at hand. And how to use her energy levels to gauge the appropriate code phrase to assemble before you begin the conversation.

  • How to turn a cold approach into a warm approach … and a warm approach into a HOT approach. And why this tactic will exponentially improve your ‘stick rates’ for the first conversation.

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