Learn What Women Like, Love & Hate

You Are About To Know More About Women Than 99% Of Men On The Planet

I have selected 52 Attractive, Sexy, Intelligent Women to answer questions that men have never heard the honest answer to. And I recorded their answers on audio and video.

What many of these women did not know, is that when our interview was done, I pretended to stop recording, That’s when the even juicer stuff came out!

10 Hot, Sexy, Intelligent Women (Plus 42 More) Are Going To Tell You:

  • What are the biggest “turn-off mistakes” that most guys never realize they’re making…

  • What does it say about a man when he approaches a woman WITHOUT confidence? Will she wait 5 minutes until he gets comfortable?

  • Can a woman tell if a man is attracted to her even if he doesn’t say it?

  • What can a man do to make a woman instantly feel attraction for him…

  • What signs do women give when they want to be kissed? Have sex?

  • Does a strong character and personality trump good looks every time?

  • What is the #1 way to make a woman come back for more

  • How do women decide whether if they can trust a man and let down their guard with?

  • How do you touch a woman the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping or freaking her out) that you can easily lead to hand-holding, closing with a kiss or even bringing her home later

  • How do 9s and 10s want to be approached

  • What signs women give that say “go for it” and ask for her number – and when you need to help her feel more comfort before asking

  • ….and much, much more….

Here’s What You’ll Discover About Women

  • The one quality in a man women universally find highly DESIRABLE. You’ll hear this over and over from the 50 women. If you can only learn one thing to improve your success with women… this is it!!!

  • Finally understand what women really mean when they say “Be Yourself”! Plus The hot sexy quality any man can have that trumps money, status and looks. Women will overlook almost anything if a man has this quality, and any man CAN have it.

  • The truth about women and bad-boys. Fact is, no women wakes up wishing they could meet a bad-boy jerk who treats her badly. Discover what they really wish for in a man no bad-boy jerk can ever offer. Plus The one irresistible quality of bad-boys every guy can (and should) do that she’ll love.

  • You’ll find out what really works in pick-up from women who get hit on EVERY DAY, and what turns them off faster than flicking off a light switch. Including The 5 instant deal-breakers from which there is no hope of recovery.

  • The polite ways women let you know they are not interested when they don’t want to hurt your feelings or crush your ego. These are important if you don’t want her to have to blatantly blow you off in front of everyone.

  • A FOOLPROOF signal a woman wants you to approach her… NOW! And If you don’t approach her when you see it, she’ll think you’re a wimp. Congratulations… you just blew your chance.

  • Learn the truth about what women think about money when it comes to sex, dating & relationships, and How to prevent money (or lack of money) to screw up your relationship.

You Won’t Find This Information Anywhere Else

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