Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 1

A Step-By-Step Blueprint for Attracting And Seducing the Sexiest Women in the BDSM & Fetish Scene

Are you curious about the BDSM and fetish scene? Attracted by tales you’ve heard of crazy sex parties where beautiful girls dressed in leather, PVC or latex enact their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies—like those in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey—-with the lucky guys in attendance?

Maybe you yearn to go to one of the big fetish parties like London’s Torture Garden, or Berlin’s Kit Kat Club, but you haven’t plucked up the courage to do so yet. Or perhaps you have dipped your toe in the water, but, intimidated by all the sexy women there, you lost confidence, unsure how to channel your inner sex god.

One thing is for certain. Whether you’re a regular on the BDSM scene, you are contemplating getting into it or merely have a passing interest, some of the sexiest, wildest girls out there flock to these parties to let loose and release their inner bad girl. And if you are a player new or established and you want a piece of the action then this is the book for you.

Troy Francis, acclaimed Modern Casanova, has been on the BDSM scene for nearly fifteen years. In this book he lets you in on all of the deepest, darkest secrets of Europe’s underground BDSM parties, and shares some of his own kinkiest, most outrageous sex stories about the beautiful, nymphomaniac girls who frequent them.

But Fifty Shades of Game Vol 1. is much more than a collection of sexy anecdotes. It also tells you everything you need to know about the BDSM scene and how you too can taste its delights including:

– Exactly what you should wear, and how to put together the perfect fetish outfit for you.

– Where to buy the best BDSM clothes

– What are the secret rules of the BDSM scene that most newcomers get wrong?

– How do you ‘learn the ropes’ in a way that enables you to attract the hottest BDSM sex partners?

– Which are the very best, sexiest fetish parties in Europe?

– What types of people do you most commonly meet at BDSM clubs?

– What classic BDSM mistakes should you avoid or else risk repelling sexy submissive girls?

– How does the sexual marketplace operate in the fetish scene, and how do you compete with the alpha males there for the hottest women?

– How do lessons learned in the BDSM scene apply to your ‘vanilla’ dating life?

On top of that, the book also contains Troy’s never-before released personal “7 Point Plan” detailing precisely how he picks up the very hottest girls on the BDSM circuit for sexy fun time and again.

So whether you’re a newbie with interested in BDSM, an experienced player who’s looking for inspiration or just a guy who loves the thought of cute girls in PVC, leather and lingerie them Fifty Shades of Game Vol 1. will open your eyes to even greater sexual opportunities in a scene that fascinates many but is closed to all but a chosen few. Let Troy be your guide as you penetrate this hot, sexy, exciting world.

Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 2

A Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle – Salacious Stories And The 7 Crucial Seduction Steps You Need To Master The Scene

Are you looking to enter a world where many of society’s rules are cast aside, and when men and women meet to enjoy hot sex together? Where beautiful girls, both single and married, go for sensual pleasure with guys and other females? If so, then the swingers’ scene—and this book—is for you.

Right now, in a city or town near you , hot girls and guys are meeting up for anonymous sex with one another at clubs, parties or in private homes. You can be a part of this scene. But first you must learn its secret laws and codes if you are to gain admittance to the sexual Valhalla that awaits.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the swingers’ scene but you’ve been too shy to experiment there yourself. Maybe you’ve been put off by steroetoypes of parties with keys in a bowl and homely swingers tucking into a buffet of cold cuts and homemade apple pie.

FIFTY SHADES OF GAME VOL 2 blows away any nervousness you might feel and eradicates the stereotpyes, giving you down-and-dirty real detail on the swingers’ scene—plus an unfair advantage for enjoying its delights!

-What really goes on behind the scenes at the hottest swingers’ parties and clubs in the world?

-Salacious stories and hilarious anecdotes from the depths of the scene.

-How to find the swingers’ events that have the sexiest crowds

-Descriptions and stories from some on the world’s hottest swingers’ events.

-What happens at parties lower down on the swinging scale and what lessons can you learn about the sexual marketplace to help your game?

-The exact mindsets you need to adopt if you are to master the swinger’s scene.

-What to do if you’re a single guy and you want to go to swingers’ parties.

-What does the swingers’ scene teach us about dating and sex in general?

In addition, the book also contains the exact 7-point plan that author Troy Francis—acclaimed modern Casanova and swingers’ scene veteran—uses to successfully meet and seduce beautiful women on the circuit.

Whether you’re new to the swingers’ scene, just curious, or an old-hand. this book has something for you. From eye-opening stories to actionable advice, FIFTY SHADES OF GAME VOL 2 is a definitive guide to what goes on in the world of swinging.

Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 3

Strip Club Secrets – How To Seduce Sexy Strippers And Exotic Dancers

Strip clubs— places where beautiful women dance sensuously to music while removing their clothes. For many men this is a vision of paradise. And what guy hasn’t, in his wildest fantasies, not dreamed of dating a dancer at least once in his life?

But the strip club scene can also be daunting, intimidating and costly. Yes, the girls are friendly, but all too often they are only interested in taking money from customers for a private dance.

Many guys go to the strip club secretly hoping that they might successfully attract and seduce a stripper, but they leave disappointed, empty-handed and with a lot less money than they went in with.

Imagine if there was a guide that helped you to avoid rookie mistakes and meet the sexy stripper of your dreams. Well, here it is.

FIFTY SHADES OF GAME VOL 3 gets down and dirty and pulls no punches in teaching you everytihng you need to know about the hidden world of strip clubs. It gives you cutting-edge advice on meeting strippers in their natural habitate that will give you an unfair advantage over all the other guys there. The book is pakced with eye-popping stories and hard-hitting, actionable advice.

-Real life, sexy stories from some of London’s most notorious strip clubs

-What it’s actually like to date a stripper

-How to make yourself stand out from the crowd to her

-How to avoid the dreaded ‘customer zone’

-What to wear and how to conduct yourself in a strip club

-Everything you need to know about the three different types of strippers

-Varying tiers of strip clubs and what you can expect to find in each

-What can we learn from the strip club scene about ‘real life’ game and dating?

-An interview with a prominent strip club regular and writer.

Plus the book also contains the exact strategy that author Troy Francis—international dating expert—has used to successfully meet and seduce beautiful dancers the world over.

So hether you’re new to the strip club scene, curious, or an old-hand. this book has something for you. From shocking stories to actionable advice, FIFTY SHADES OF GAME VOL 3 is the only guide you need to the world of strip clubs and how to attract exotic dancers.


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