WANTED – Dating for Men simplified

Dating for Men simplified – Learn how to become more attractive, more confident and more engaging with women

What You’ll Learn

  • The Full Attractiveness System

  • My 3-Part Authentic Attractiveness for Men Formula

  • Attractiveness From Within

  • First Impression Boost

  • The Secret to Approaching Women

  • Flirting Skills Boost

  • How To Put it all Into Action


The Full Attractiveness System

You’ll get all the details on why showing playful, manly strength is the secret to dating success for men (…as long as You follow the formula. More on that in the next point). Use this in the next 5 conversations with women and You’ll see a Drastic Change in How Women will look at You

My 3-Part Authentic Attractiveness for Men Formula

3 powerful pieces that You must focus on to become a man who is strong and attractive from his “roots”. This simple formula makes you live the overall dating advice “Just be who You are” in a superior way. Women will love to be around You because You are authentic…

Attractiveness From Within

This is worth 10 x what You’ll pay for the course. You could ignore everything else in the course and this one thing could change Your Effect on women immediately (but don’t ignore the other sections…I want you to get every advantage possible while You are looking for Your special lady!)

First Impression Boost

Most people don’t realize how much the first few seconds matter in any human interaction. When You shift to making an attractive first impression, however, you’ll notice a big difference in the way new women react to You because they stop feeling like they have to turn You down to not hurt You.

The Secret to Approaching Women

I’ll show You why pick up lines don’t work and what the actual problem is when approaching women (hint: it has to do with pre-historic survival). I’ll also give You 3 simple strategies on how to handle approach anxiety and give you 1 tip on how you’ll never run out of things to say again…EVER!

Flirting Skills Boost

I’ll show You the powerful psychological triggers I used when flirting with women. I still use them today with my lady…and she loves it because there is nothing evil with these triggers. They’ll only make any conversation with You a pleasurable and memorable experience.

How To Put it all Into Action

You’ll learn how you can put everything you learned into practice so that You can pick the fruits of your hard work in real life with real women. After this, You will be an attractive man who plays perfectly into the timeless desires of women.

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