Orgasm Unleashed: Your guide to pleasure, healing and power

A GROUNDBREAKING GUIDE FOR WOMEN ON BECOMING DEEPLY ORGASMIC… AND TRANSFORMING THEIR LIFE ! “A very clear and all encompassing book that explains in detail how you can experience more powerful orgasms and live an orgasmic life. It has everything from helpful anatomy to sexual practices and mind-set shifts that are very important for any woman who wants to experience deeper pleasure and sexuality.” ~Layla Martin “This is the best book for any woman who wishes to change her mastubation game & take it from twenty minute anxious clit rubs to hours of self-pleasuring & orgasmic bliss. Eyal has masterfully created a guide to pleasure. ” ~Elena, Sex and pleasure educator, Onna / The Yoni Empire “If I didn’t know this book was written by a man, I would have sworn it could only be written by a woman. He really gets it! He describes techniques that it took me years to figure out on my own!” ~Suzanna “One of the best books on female orgasm! This book is full of so much beautiful, healing wisdom that is shared in a way that is incredibly easy to understand and implement. It covers the full range and sexual depth that some books around female orgasm miss. I highly recommend this book for any woman who wants to fully unleash and experience her orgasm beyond what we normally consider an orgasm to be.” ~Amber Leitz, Sex Coach. “I have seen relationship on the brick of divorce because of orgasm problems. And this book offers the solution. It brings the power back to women.” Maj Wismann – Clinical sexologist – Denmark “This book is AMAZING! the tools and techniques he recommends are tried, tested and proven to result in deep, blissful, ecstatic orgasmic states, release of tension and trauma, empowerment, self-love, confidence and amazing sex!” ~Bonnie Bliss “Orgasm Unleashed is the most simple, practical and effective resource I’ve ever come across for women to understand, awaken and embrace their orgasmic nature.” Holly Wodetzki, Sacred dance teacher. Sexual healer and Tantric Life Coach Eyal Matsliah, presents a practical and “hands-on” guide for women to feel more connected to their bodies, femininity, and sexuality. Although it’s in every woman’s nature to be in this absolute state of ecstasy, only a small percentage of women experience all that is possible. The fundamental message in this transformative book is that you can, and should, lead your own sexual revolution. You will learn to reach deep, fulfilling orgasms on your own, and later share that with your partner, or attract a new one, as many readers have. Orgasm Unleashed reveals: – The one technique that makes any woman orgasm within a few weeks of practice – How to experience multiple orgasms and over twenty types of orgasms—the clitoris is just the beginning – A combination of powerful theory and a wealth of practices, techniques, and secret tips – How to harness sexual energy to become more relaxed, creative, expressive, and powerful – How to love, nurture, and accept yourself as you are – How to turn orgasm into a spiritual experience …and much more! Whatever stage you are at—whether you are already multi-orgasmic or have yet to feel the bliss of an orgasm—your experience of sexuality will transform. It might even change your life. The book includes access to the “sexual empowerment for women” fb group and community, as well as additional online resources to support your journey. “Gently guides women on a journey of self-discovery. Each chapter delves deeper than the previous one and, if you follow the practices, this book has the potential to transform your relationship with yourself, your body and your partner. Ultimately, it could change your life.” ~Jacquion “As a husband reading this looking to learn more about how to please my wife, all I have to say is WOW! It’s so informative and written in a down to earth simple way. This book is not only for women. I highly recommend it.” ~Anonymous

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