Logan Edwards – The Art of the Aproach

A Master Pick-Up Artist reveals the Art of the Approach

In his international bestseller, Secrets of the A Game, Logan Edwards revealed the secrets behind what women find irresistible about men. Now, in his eagerly anticipated companion book, Edwards dives deeper into the mysteries of how to approach women to create instant rapport and attraction. From body language to voice tonality, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to meet women anywhere you go.

Troy Francis – Fifty Shades Of Game (Vol 1 – Vol 3)

Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 1
A Step-By-Step Blueprint for Attracting And Seducing the Sexiest Women in the BDSM & Fetish Scene
Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 2
A Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle – Salacious Stories And The 7 Crucial Seduction Steps You Need To Master The Scene
Fifty Shades Of Game Vol 3
Strip Club Secrets – How To Seduce Sexy Strippers And Exotic Dancers