The Social Man Academy – The Desire System

The Desire System is a collaboration between The Social Man and David Tian (aka as The Asian Rake), director of Aura Transformation.
It teaches men how to activate a woman’s emotions and make her feel pure desire. It is designed to make women feel how you feel (e.g., If you like her then she will like you). It addresses how you feel and why you feel the way you do, in order to establish a mutual connection of desire with a woman.

Carlos Xuma and David Wygant – 77 Secret Girlfriend Strategies

Carlos Xuma and David Wygant – 77 Secret Girlfriend Strategies
Carlos Xuma and David Wygant teamed up for this audio program , named 77 Girlfriend Strategies. Turns out it contains 80 Strategies.
This tag team effort was never promoted and I can see why. It’s an oddity that I think only true Carlos Xuma fans might appriciate. There are a few nuggets of gold here that might be worth listening to.
Separated into 10 folders, as the original program came exactly like this.

Tom Torero – How To Flirt With Girls

– 76 page no-fluff guide to flirting with women
– Over 200 field-tested examples for spicing things up and getting sexual rather than just social
– Multiple examples of how to trigger attraction with girls during the day, over text and social media, on a date and back at your place
– Learn how to turn up the heat and escape the dreaded chit-chat that leads to the Friend Zone
– Time to relearn the lost art of playful teasing and banter which is at the heart of flirtation
– Written by one of the world’s top daytime seducers and dating coaches