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Hey it’s Jason.
And, just before you get to the members area, I have one more idea I’d like to share with you.
It’s a secret.
A secret that so far, only customers and coaching clients of Jason Capital have had access to.
Here’s what it’s all about:
If you’ve ever felt understanding what women REALLY want in a guy is a little like deciphering a foreign language or cracking a complex code… well… you’d be right.

70 Laws – Jason Capital

Jason Capital has been an influential part of the seduction industry and coaching guys for almost 5 years. Since developing his “honest” style of picking up women from his own personal experiences, Jason continues to build upon his expertise and focusing on a great social and business life. His well-established Jason Capital Dating business and popular daily newsletter are a result of his drive to keep delivering value in order to be successful. Jason is on a mission: Help more than 100,000 guys change their lives for the better – romantically, socially, and other otherwise.

Deepak Wayne – Inner Game

1. Looks don’t matter – THE believe for entitlement with hot women and motivation to approach
2. Looks do matter – Meaning and how to adjust your game to your looks (Important!)
3. Looks and Final Solution – your long term solution for success with women[PART1]
3. Looks and Final Solution – your long term solution for success with women[PART2]
FUNDAMENTAL Tips and Mindsets for Success with women Deepak back in Berlin
Learning Even While Getting Rejected By Girls Pickup Infield
Learning from the BEST – How to chose rolemodels for maximum success in life!
Masculinity Beta male Don’t be a pickup lightweight [How to be more attractive]
NEVER GIVE UP (Motivational video)
The 3 Different Types Of Beginners When Picking Up Girls (Motivation and Dating Advice)
What makes a man attractive to women Stack attractive assets – become irressistable! (VRIN-Model))
Willpower Excersise How to Develop Strong Willpower and Mental Toughness[20 rep squats]

Deepak Wayne – Conversational Domination

What you have seen might have shocked you – Deepak, the Indian guy reaching his fourties, seduced and slept with one hot girl after the other. And he is even showing it, outrageous!
But is it really though? When you look around you will find people, who are publicly accepted that are displaying ORGIES or evidence of their… well… orgies! People like Hugh Hefner, Dan Bilzerian or 50 cent who understand that there is a society of sex – and are living it.
Sex is something good, something natural. It is why humanity exists, people are born because of sex.

Deepak Wayne – Meet Women Every Day

Meet 10 sexy women every day (literally!)
The proven system to meet and attract women on a daily basis
Our promise:
Flirt with 70 gorgeous women in the next 7 days!
This program is designed for people who want to literally meet new, attractive women every day. It will teach you, even if you have never approached an attractive stranger before in your life, to approach women with confidence – wherever you are!
(Hint: Not sure if you knew that, but approachinggirls is what you need to do before having sex / a relationship with a woman)
Are you ready to learn from the most proven dating coach in the world?

David Tian – Awekening

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