Are you looking for new ways to spice up your sex life? You won’t find the classic boring positions here, nor those that require the flexibility of a gymnast.

This book is a perfect visual guide to help you learn and experiment. You will learn 69 sex positions that are easy to understand and follow, as they are accompanied by explicit original illustrations.

These sex positions are divided into the following categories:

  • Foreplay Positions.
  • Lying-Down Positions.
  • Sitting Positions.
  • Standing Positions.
  • Kneeling Positions.
  • Mixed Positions.

This book offers something for everyone. For complete newbies, there are some easy positions to try, such as modifications of the most common ones – Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, etc. For the more advanced among you, there are quite a few challenging positions to learn.

Even if you think you’ve done it all, you will find new moves that will take the routine out of your sex life and bring a new spark into your bedroom!

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