In this course you will learn everything about meeting, picking up and seducing girls in clubs and bars. You will learn all techniques that you need to have if you want to become ultimate seducer.

This course has everything that a man needs to have in order to be successful in clubs – from choosing right cologne to what to talk about all to the point of final touch down with her in your bedroom.

Wanna get good at pulling girls from clubs and bars? This is course for you.

You will learn :

   How to approach different types of girls / groups

    How to make her horny in conversation

    How to recognise horny girls

    How to pass her tests

    How to befriend her friends and isolate her away from them

    How to approach alone and with Wingman

    Ways to kiss her

    How to prepare logistics for easy pulling girls home

    How to solve Last Minute Resistance

    and much, much more


After you finish this course, you are ready to expand your knowledge about girls and woman in “Understanding female mindset” course, or learn how to meet girls during datyime in “Meeting girls during daytime” course


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