Discover the Prude-to-Porn Sex Cookbook that will turn your bedroom into a freakshow and destroy bedroom boredom syndrome forever.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Module 1: The 6 Elements Of Wild Bedrooms

How To Create A Sex Drive Elixir And Cure Bedroom Boredom

Module 2: Verbal Intimacy

Simple sentences that keep her mind dirty 24/7

Module 3: Short Erotic Contact

Smooth ‘innocent’ touches that keep her ready to go

Module 4: Orgasm Inducing Activities

How to make her come and supercharge her libido without breaking a sweat

Module 5: Short Duration Penetration

How to casually dump your load inside of a woman and give her a sexual experience that is tattooed in her fantasies forever

Module 6: Experimental Sex

How to have wild experimental sex that leaves her begging for more

You’ll also get 7 step-by-step guides on the topics of:

  • Roleplay

  • BDSM

  • Anal Sex

  • Oral Sex

  • Public Sex

  • Consensual Non-consent

  • Threesomes

These progressions are a ‘boil-the-frog’ system to get her into these acts. With scripts and playbooks for every level.. It’s like a Don of Desire Method for Threesomes, BDSM, Anal etc.

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